a tactical error, Georgieee ?!

Methinks Fernandes lost it all, the moment he dragged Kalam into it.. I am not a personality worshipper (of Kalam or anyone for that matter) , and neither do I believe that anyone is above possible corruption , however, I think it doesn't take much to see that George goofed.. for

1) It doesn't make anyone a less criminal by dragging one more fellow ( Note: that is even assuming both himself and Kalam are guilty)

2) Unlike a rather solid evidence of something fishy has happened vis-a-vis Jaya Jaitley, there is, atleast so far no evidence against Kalam

3) There is nothing wrong in Kalam as scientific advisor suggesting and even showing any "extra" interest in getting those Israeli Baraks... boy, thats his job... and there isn't even any issue if George himself had pushed for it, the whole issue revolves around his party and its treasurer... did whatever that happened, happen with his knowledge ? why did he not ask her to step down until proven not-guilty (the evidence in this case was much more stronger than, say the Hawala accusation against Advani - and yet, its the latter who immediately stepped down and came back only after he was proven clean)

and now, one stroke, he has brought to ground all the goodwill he had in BJP.... by dragging in Kalam - BJP's favorite still - and sort of implicating the former PMO too in the process

I for one still want to believe that the 76_year_old , who quit a Christian seminary (priest-training) to become a socialist, is clean... and that he just happened to be the right man in the wrrong party... I have read with pride, his Siachen visit, and don't have any doubts that he was perhaps India's best defense minister... if sans the controversies .. His rapport with the armed forces, I have heard was so good...

And yet, I can't imagine why he would make such a tactical error.. an error which has effectively given an escape route for the hit_and_run italian lady ... and how could you have made enemies the very people who stood by you in the middle of the storm ?

vinashakaale vipareetha budhi ?

ps: http://www.indianexpress.com/story/14642.html