a hoax.. never mind !

It ain't the best of the news one wud want to hear days before Diwali... atleast the 350,000+ (assume all genuine signatures... or lets say even half that number) who signed the "US-PS Diwali Stamp Petition"

for just like the "Mars will appear as big as the moon".... it turned out to be a .. O well !!


Gets me thinking about these online petiotions... and frankly I do not have Yes or a No answer... Before I go into some points, I must admit that I myself have indeed signed a lot of them... spread around some of them, and started some (actually just one ??)

1. Should I look at the Diwali bit as a dissappointment, or should I take it as "Oh wow, look a few hundreds or thousands of internet users actually wanted it" ?

2. Will that have a negative impact on future petitions... U know the feeling of being "cheated" at some level ?

3. What did those who started really intent to do ? "Just for fun", or a "sincere wish, but wrong or insufficient methodology" , or a trick to collect a huuge email database ?

4. For an already lazy and passive Hindu who used to take refuge in online petitions of all kinds and be satisfied that he has done his "sakkat" for the religion ... for such a Hindu.... wud be interesting to see if he (or she) stops doing even that or will actually start thinking doing something a little more solid ... or just continue with life as it is

To me looks like the "as it is" option is most likely whats gona happen.. for the same day, i.e today, I get another petition appeal .. for Abdul Kalams second term


Once more, should I see that as a positive for the fact that a scientist has won the heart and souls across India, or should I be saddened at the fact that a 75 year old seems to be the "only nice option" .... if only we had lots of visionaries to pick from.... after all we are a Nation of a Billion !