The "ABCD" of politics

Anthony Bangaya Centermein Defencemantri

So, why did MMS* do that ? Chucking the Bengali "Young" Turk Pranobda and inducting the Mallu ? (Pranobda has been shifted to Foreign Affairs.. ) Frankly, I would have thought a much more inefficient Home Mini Shivraj Patil to lose his job.... Well, politically the following could be the reasons

* Anthony's relatively "clean" image so far... and that also at a time when defence establishments are increasingly getting corruption-accusations and spying charges .. moreover, if Madam has to taken on Gerogie bigtime, she better have some one "clean" doing the job . Ever since MMS took over, there has been quite some corruption accusations against its Ministers and legal setbacks - Natwar Singh , the Jharkand Messup and Buta Singh, declaring of the Godhra panel set up by Laloo-the-Baloo as illegal ,

(Well I still do not consider the Indian Armed forces any particularly bad.. every Nations defence has its pitfalls.. and with a plethora of countries trying to corrupt the 1.3 million strong armed forces, I am actually glad, we are doing pretty good)

* A strong message for K Karunakaran .. had he stuck around and continued to lick Ma'ms' boots , look what he or his rogue son could have possibly gotten

(The other "muska"teer Vayalar Ravi is happily going around countries, eating away to glory and increasing his already big tummy... He already cannot see his own feet, times aren't far when he won't b able to see upto ten feet in front as well !!)

* Potential "revival" of Kangress Party in Kerala.... which is torn into pieces due to infightings

(remember, the party could not win a single seat out of the 20 in Loksabha elections last time in Kerala)


So how well do I think will this move suit ? In as much as I like Anthony for his rather clean image and frankspeak, I think he is too inefficient .. doesn't have the guts to make important decisions, neither have the ability to stand by and defend his decisions.. And known to make the wrong decisions at crucial times (calling KK back into the Congress coalition was one such)

What about the rather strong stance that he took on the "minorities" issue and a not-so-overtly-pro minority stance he seemed to take during the Marad issue ? Well, there may have been some honesty in him, but it may have been also trying to get the pro-Hindu votes.. especially that of the strong Dheevara community .. But then, under the cover of his satements and "neutral" stance, look what the Muslim officers in charge under him and the Congress ally IUML did did during the Marad Massacre (in which nine Hindu fishermen were hacked to death by Muslims) .. link (by the way, people in Kerala believe that the district colector is no more Sooraj, but Siraj, a convert to islam )

Anyways, lets see how he does... Meantime, am a bit surprised the BRF does not have a thread yet on this.. or may be its not yet time.. However, I found a new humor thread.. :-)

* and lastly, MMS - you thought I meant ManMohanSingh .. Oh no, I meant Madame Maino Sonia !!


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