I had promised lazysusan that I will do this, quite a while ago... Frankly I donno what purpose it serves :-) .. except for the "light theesko" , and ummmm.. some questions are nice self reflections, the day before I turn 27 as per the Gregorian calendar ...

Meme it is... and here's from the M-W dictionary
: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture

this one's named "A point in time"

Take the first book that you find underhand, open it on page 18 and copy what’s written on the fourth line from the top:-
"Several different rare-earth atoms can thus be used as good optically pumped...."
Siegman's basic book on lasers... page no: 18 out of 1200+

Interestingly my roomie read the author name and wondered.. siegman... siegman whatt .. freud ?! dude, thats sigmund

What was the last program you watched on tv?
Must b CNN news in the lunchroom

Without verifying, try to guess the time it is?
7 pm

Check out.
7:06 says the computer

Which noise can you hear apart from the one of your computer?
Some machine running (or is it the heater ??) running in some lab

When did you go out for the last time and what did you do?
Kerala Mela.. enjoyed the Chitra-Venugopal concert

What are you wearing now?
shirt, pants and a jacket... I feel cold manytimes in my lab !! so except the time when I am on experiments, you may see me with a jacket

Before you started this meme, what were you looking at?
checked my mail.. on the comp.. even before that was trying to, unsuccessfully run a labview pgm !

Did you dream this night?
must have, as per scientific theories, but don't remember.....

When did you laugh for the last time?
Hopefully not yet !!

What’s on the walls of the room in which you are?
Clock, a phone list ..... and a signboard which says "computer room"

Did you see something strange today?
Can't remember if I looked in the mirror today !

What do you think of this meme?
Can I skip atleast one question ?

Which was the last film that you saw?
"Mazha Peyunnu Madhalam Kottunnu" .. a great mallu comedy of the 80ies... mohanlal and sreenivasan.. was on TV the day before I came back from India..

The number of movies I watch in a year would b equal to the number many people watch in a week .... next in my wishlist "Sardar"

If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would be the first thing that you’d buy?
I guess I take refuge in this word that a friend of mine often uses ... "aaasai" !

Tell us something about you that we don’t yet know?
ha ha... now I know why someone made this meme !! as we wud say in IITM, "nice try"

If you could change something in the world apart from culpability and politics, what would you change?
Will keep that a secret until I actually succeed...

Do you like dancing ?
Came as a surprise to me that indeed I liked it... once in a dandiya and another time, when Prof Prema Pandurangan made her audience do the Vrindavan dance

Do you like George Bush ?
I leave that to Jay Leno

Which name would you choose if you had a girl?
ihhi ihhi ihhi .... apparently that cannnot be a unilateral decision.. so shall wait

And if it was a boy?
same as above

Have you ever thought about living in a foreign country?
I think this meme was made by some American !

What do you want God to tell you when you go through the doors of paradise?
God.. ain't in paradise....

What other blogger that you'd like to tag?
just about anyone who feel like .. don't have any particular names... Off late am not really part of any bloggerbrotherhoods !!


lazysusan said…
haha cool :) good & funny replies :). btw, what is 'aasai' ?
drisyadrisya said…
aasai just means "wish" (aashaa..)