Wednesday, March 28, 2007

gauravamaakunna bhiaravayuddham

For the sake of my non-Mallu readers, this is an "intellectual" (sic !) fight thats brewing up between a (Hindu) reporter from MalayalaManorama (the biggest circulating malayalam daily and traditionally known to be anti-communist in addition to being being run by christians) and the communist intellectuals ( excuse the oxymoron) of kerala ....

all those who can read mallu, I will let you enjoy... to me, more than anything else, it shows the ability of the commies to "veenidathu kidannuruluka" by playing around with words not knowing what they are talking about, and the low levels to which their "intellectualism" have stooped down to, and yet, ever willing to pick up fights in the even of the slightest criticism. The few reasons they still survive in kerala are

1) caste politics

2) a very corrupt, minority appeasing and infighting ridden kaangress ........
and an insignificant and inefficient bjp

3) cos they still very well into the "we don't wanna work, we just want strikes" attitude of lots of mallus, still ...

And thanks to my Bengali friend, Ms. M.B for sending me this link.. which I believe is quite appropriate here

read on.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hey Raam


Did I notice something curious ? Its about 4 pm EDT in USA - I go to google news and type ram navami .. I see greetings from Kalaam, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.. However, I try all possible combos of man mohan singh, prime minister and so on, and nothing turns up.. Did the i***rt****te conveniently forget to wish ? Or was it such an insignificant one that it was not worth reporting in the media ? Do we need to rename it "Al- Raam navami" or something ?
Well, I may have missed his greetings completely, but I would not be surprised if it actually was never there... for thats what psecness is all about, right ? just take a look at the "US-Indian Embassy holidays" for year 2006
4 for Muslims, 2 each for Hindus and Christians, and 1 each for Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists !!

Friday, March 23, 2007

"March" ing the madness !

12 hrs after this post : Did I go overboard a bit and scare my friends ? With this post, if I gave an impression that something seriously gone wrong, I am sorry... the intention was not that.. I had gotten a couple of questions, and also a comment in the previous post, asking why no updates for close to a month - things have been a bit unpleasant for me, and I could never gather the mood for a post.. it was a bit hectic times as well.. and I just wanted to bring that out, but alas, I might have ended up scaring a few friends. It was a good feeling tho' to get a phone call, checking if all's well with me ... :-) ... yes, things are just quite fine.... thanks all, and await some non-personal usual kinna posts next week :-)

Its so ironical.... last years month of March

And this years, things have gotten, shall I say, worse ...(one reason why posts were missing from this space for long) . Well, in the least, my I can say, my life took a sudden diversion this month, drastic changes to follow soon -- I don't know what that implies...

Started off with an intention to test waters, but I did not expect to have landed myself in a path so different from what I thought I wanted to do in life... - good or bad, I donno, but there goes....
life's like that, they say

And to add to the wound, was the news of the death of a good friend of mine... aaah, not surprisingly that I am reminded of last years March ..... and yes, as the cold has started getting the better of me, blocking my nose and itching my eyes,.... I have started counting the days....

Am I upset ? Am I depressed ? Can't say "no" to both, but I shall move on, taking whatever life offers, and hopefully that also means, back to regular (atleast weekly once a week) posts

subhashitaas for the month