Wednesday, May 30, 2007

two blogposts..

Here are two blogposts, related to Kerala, which I enjoyed reading


I used to not like Achuthanandan for in addition to being a commie, his speeches seemed way too artificial and political for me, but that perhaps was just his style. If not anything else, the 80 some CM has surely proved to be an action man. I shall wait and watch


Ranjith has looked at the issue from various angles.. It also has a mention of yours truly and the good old Meera Jasmine petition. One thing I ardently hope is that the commies do not get credit for what is an internal evolution within Kerala-Hinduism...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

अवशेषजीवनस्य प्रथमदिनम्

ह्यः वस्तुअतया मम एकम् दायित्वं समाप्तम् ! DC प्रदेशस्य संस्कृतकार्यकर्ता रूपेण ! अतः अहं चिन्तितवान् किन्चित् स्मृतिमार्गॆ सन्चरामि इति !

यद्यपि अस्माकं सम्स्कृत कार्यम् पूरवमपि आसीत् तदापि मम तावदधिकम् दायित्वम् तु 2007 दिसम्बर् मासे एव आरब्दम् ! तस्मिन् मासस्य 17 तमदिनान्के अहम् सम्स्कृतकार्य “पुनरुधारणर्थम्” आदि शन्कराचार्य नाम्न चलनचित्रस्य प्रदर्शनं कर्तुं निस्चयं कृतवान् ! Dec 24 वयं मॆलितवन्तः ! केवलं 5 एव आसन् ! राजॆष् महॊदयः (अत्रस्य सम्स्कृत भारती चालकः) अहम् एकः नूतनः कार्यकर्ता (अविनाशः) अनन्तरम् अन्य द्वौ !!

सार्धवर्षानन्तरम् हयः - May 19 – यद्दा वय़्म् मॆलितवन्तः दशाधिक जनाः आसन् – कार्यकर्तारूपॆण ऎव ! सार्धवर्षे वयम् बहवः कार्यक्रमाः कृतवन्तः ! अत्र पश्यतु – ! मम मनसी सन्तॊषमपि अस्ति दुखमपि अस्ति ! सम्स्कृतसॆवनार्थम् यः अवसरः मया प्राप्तः तदर्थम् अहं कृतार्थः ! अपि च मम परमॊपाहारः अस्ति मम “नूतन” सम्कृतमित्राणि !

इत्तोपि अधिकं कार्यं करणियम् मया ! इदानीम् मम स्वप्नः अस्ति May 19 2008 (बुध पौर्णमि) आरभ्य् June 3 2008 (गनॆशचतुर्थी) परयन्तम् 108-दिनस्य सम्स्कृत यत्रायाः आयॊजनम् करणियम् इति ! एकः वर्षः अवशिष्टः अद्य आरभ्य ! आश्चर्यकार्यम् अस्ति अद्य प्रातकाले उत्थया अहम् एवमॆव अनतर्जालम् द्ष्तवान् मया सम्पूर्ण आदि शन्कराचार्यः चलनचित्रम् प्राप्तम् !!

पश्यामः किं भविष्यति इति !! स्वप्नदर्शनार्थ्ं कमपि धनं दातव्यं खलु ? अपि च यथा अब्दुल् कलां महॊदयः वदति “स्वप्नात् भवति चिन्ता ! चिन्तायाः भवति क्रिया”

Friday, May 18, 2007

suppressio veri suggestio falsi

Dear Shri Raman

I appreciate you coming up with a quick article on the mosque blasts... And the appeal to muslims not to get intimidated ..

In the above article you have quoted samjhauta blasts as a "targeted attack" on Muslims ..

However in a previous article you had mentioned that

It seems that while the majority of the 68 passengers killed in the explosions-cum-fire in two coaches of the Samjhauta Express at Deewana, near Panipat, on February 18 were Pakistani nationals, more Hindus than Muslims were killed.


What is the truth ? Why are the Nationalities and the religious affiliations of the victims of Samjhauta blasts not made public ? Were most of them who got killed Pakistani Hindus ? out of the very few who are left out ......

thanks and regards

Friday, May 11, 2007

May 11 thoughts

( Note: see my last years May 11 post at )

So..... the nuke deal discussions still continues.... personally, like last year, i face mix of uncertainties and hopes ahead eventhough of a different nature... and above all, elections are in the news

The UP elections, not only proved the exit polls wrong for the nth time in a row (in fact i can't really recall a major election in the recent past where they were any close.... gone are the days of the prannoy roy accuracy of predictions) , but also, i feel vindicated my belief of a "hindu vote bank" ... to take a term from the british-imposed vocabulary - "upper caste hindu vote bank" to be more specific ..

See my previous post at

Mayawati rightly tapped into it - into the FC vote bank , while still keeping her harijan vote bank intact ( because mulayam and congress were too busy wooing muslims, and the bjp never really made much inroads.... ) . I think congratulations are dew to her .. and she will be one of the most watched political figures atleast for some time to come... hope she does not mess with a birthday bash and a tajmahal sale ... and needless to say, any kind of divide and rule

Like many others, I too wish that the caste politics is eliminated at some point, but then, as long as it is there to stay (and that may be a loooooong period), its perhaps better off top to see results like this where Hindus of various castes come under one banner, one party, than seeing them fight with each other... after all, one is told that indeed thats the ultimate aim of hindutva - to unite hindus above caste barriers.. and its perhaps good that such a goal is not just promoted by one "parivar"....

lets wait and watch - whether its up or down in UP....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May be the month of hopes...

April ended hectic - between thursday and sunday I had driven about 1000 miles, criss crossed the NJ Turnpike some 6-7 times and had an average of 4 hrs sleep for 4 days continuous, and all of this while continuing to have a bad allergy induced cold, and body pain... but it was fun, lots of it ... and hopes for future....... and shall I say I ended April or start May - with a new addition to my life - a SONY VAIO notebook... thanks to Kalyan for guiding me thro' a good deal - a notebook + printer/scanner + 3 yrs service contract - altogether for effectively 800$ ! ....

Some how, I have always liked the moth of May.. May be (!!) its the transition to summer , may be its the beginnings of new phases, may be its the "May 11" of the Pokhran and the Somnath fame,.... may be may be...

Yup, lifes changing fast for me, and will soon know if the Verazzano bridge will indeed isolate me atleast partially in a looooong island ...................................