Saturday, March 20, 2010

the dream Sanskrit movie

It has been a thought - a dream - for a while ... when will we have a commercial Sanskrit movie with 'mainstream' artists ? and here I am, starting to collect possible artists - feel free to add more in the comments...

1) Thalaivar Rajanikanth -

He said, 'Malayalam is quite similar to Sanskrit, and I therefore understood all the dialogues very well.'

2) Asin -

She is a native speaker of Malayalam, and claims to speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit, English and French.

3) And now Mohanlal -

In his speech after accepting the honorary doctorate degree from Governor R.S. Gavai at the special convocation of the Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit in Kochi on Tuesday, Malayalam superstar Mohanlal said that Sanskrit should be revitalised as it represents the culture of the country. Sanskrit was lying somewhere in the layers of mankind and should be revived for the overall welfare of the country, he said

Pointing out that he had not learnt Sanskrit, Mohanlal said that he feels it a great loss while trying to understand the language through his research and acting

How about we arrange to teach you Sanskrit ? :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

PC issues another 'final warning'

The following 2 links r items from March 2010

dire warning from India that another cross-border attack on its soil would invite a swift and decisive response from New Delhi.

In a categorical warning to Islamabad, New Delhi has said India would "respond swiftly and decisively" if there is another attack emanating from Pakistan.

That shud make us proud, and hopeful . But wait a minute - what about this Nov 2009 speech -

In a very strongly worded speech, Home Minister P Chidambaram has issued what he called a final warning to Pakistan.

Home Minister P Chidambaram on Saturday night warned Pakistan against meddling with India and said any more attack from the country will be retaliated “very strongly”

Pune attack happened, and we all saw what did (not) happen

So what PC meant must be that next time there is an attack, he will be much more swift in issuing the next final warning !

Sunday, March 07, 2010


I'm not exactly sure where the (unexpected) communication gap was between the three Ms - the Maoists , the 'Magsasite' and the Media

* Pillai says Maoists planning to overthrow Indian govt by 2050 and has its own army

* Maoists name Suzanne Arundhati Roy as one of the possible mediators

* As a 'faithful' mediator, Roy already started her work by contradicting and challenging Pillai

* And then comes the Maoist statement confirming their plans


It was a virtual face-off between the Home Secretary and writer-activist Arundhati Roy who challenged Pillai's statement that Maoists are virtually building an army to overthrow the state of India


"We will overthrow the Indian government much before 2050" Kishenji told PTI. "We have own army, which is capable of overthrowing the Indian government much before 2050", he claimed.

PS: I am reminded of a Romila Thapar statement which sounded something like - "Even if you show me memoirs of Babar saying that for the sake of islam I destroyed Ram temple, we historians don't accept that, we have our own methodology for 'arriving at' history"