Sunday, October 28, 2007

youtube and narendra modi

Its cold outside and inside- the former temperature wise and the latter my healthwise, and so this Sunday I have restricted myself withinin the apartment -- with some books , cellphone, the laptop and of course medicines :-)

and so somehow ended up watching some speeches of Narendra Modi online . I must admit, he is an amazing orator in Hindi . In fact , I was curious to know how many youtube videos turn up while I searched for the names of some bigwigs of Indian politics ... and here are the results (as of today)

Manmohan Singh - 88
Narendra Modi - 87
Sonia Gandhi - 27
Atal Vajpayee - 7
L K Advani - 2 (and both are in relation to Modi)

I did not spend time to check each and every one of those to try to see how much relevant they indeed are, but I think this atleast gives a trend - half of Modi's videos might be by the "opponents" but I still get the feeling that this man is born to make a of those like him or not, can't ignore him chracters - well, time shall tell

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

stages of life - what do u lose ?

An attempt at some lighter stuff

Dining out with some other family.... at various stages in a guys life

Stage1- student and bachelor

* Likely that your bill will be paid for by them...

* And likely that all the remaining food be sent with u

* :-)

Stage 2 - still bachelor, but no more a student

* Hopefully will get the "packed food" for take home, but bill.. u have to share

* :- o

Stage 3 - no more a bachelor also

* :-(

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

in mourning

Due to the death ( at an early age) of my uncle, this blog will not be active at least for the next 10 days

Monday, October 08, 2007

NYT ad against Madam Maino Sonia

This was the ad given in New York Times by the forum to save Mahatma Gandhi's heritage

Quite interesting points.... as for thr KBG connection, oh well, of course its a tough bet to guess which agency she is working for, but I am personally convinced that she is one of the most successful sleuths in history.. ( see my previous post on ) ... and so succesful that not even 10% of Indians would believe such an accusation, and she seems to have so succesfully either suppressed most proof, or have taken on her side all those who actually knows something or about it

I am still curious to know how Indira-Gandhi, known for her reasonably good promotion of Indian Intelligence, never thought it a danger to admit an Italian bahu into her family and there by so close to the wealth of National secrets ! Or was she handtwisted by the KGB into accepting her ?!

So what is RAW and IB doing ? lol ... quoting from a recent article by Swapan Das Gupta

Apart from reiterating the worst-kept state secret -- that RAW is ineffective and corrupt...

the IB has, in recent decades, squandered away its glorious inheritance and become too much of a private agency for the ruling party.....

As things stand, the IB has been contaminated and RAW is beyond redemption.

and by the way, did u notice -

that the priority of RAW is the self-advancement of its cadre, not national security. There are more RAW operatives posted in North America than in Pakistan.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

IAF Platinum Jubilee


Nabha Sparsham Deeptam - Touch the Sky with Glory