youtube and narendra modi

Its cold outside and inside- the former temperature wise and the latter my healthwise, and so this Sunday I have restricted myself withinin the apartment -- with some books , cellphone, the laptop and of course medicines :-)

and so somehow ended up watching some speeches of Narendra Modi online . I must admit, he is an amazing orator in Hindi . In fact , I was curious to know how many youtube videos turn up while I searched for the names of some bigwigs of Indian politics ... and here are the results (as of today)

Manmohan Singh - 88
Narendra Modi - 87
Sonia Gandhi - 27
Atal Vajpayee - 7
L K Advani - 2 (and both are in relation to Modi)

I did not spend time to check each and every one of those to try to see how much relevant they indeed are, but I think this atleast gives a trend - half of Modi's videos might be by the "opponents" but I still get the feeling that this man is born to make a of those like him or not, can't ignore him chracters - well, time shall tell