Saturday, February 22, 2014

selected 10 lies of Teesta Setalvad from her hate speech at IITM

Background: See this article about the increasing communist propoganda happening at IIT Madras ( Chennai ). . The video of the talk by Teesta Setalvad ( apparently edited by the communist General secretary Deepak Johnson and his friend, the SFI red volunteer Ayyappadas , but not hiding the hate speech itself ) is available at

In the comments section of the article, there is a post on some of the various lies spewed out by Teesta in her talk . I am reposting with one addition  to lie #9 , it was Teesta who once had on the website of her NGO a map of India with no Kashmir and most of NE missing. The map of Pakistan adjacent to it was much bigger than that of India ..

Map of Pakistan and India as was present in the website of an 'Indian' NGO run by Teesta Setalvad
 Now for the list of 10 lies ( selected, out of her umpteen ones) as was posted in the comments section of the article


Lie # 1. Reg the Hindu Undivided Family & Inheritance Act: It is the  BJP (her pet hate) which has always argued for a uniform civil code to bring about real equality of all citizens before the law. If the 'minorities' hold on to their ghetto mentality and oppose the uniform  civil code, why is she blaming the 'majority' for it.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #2: Aurangazeb gave grants to Hindu temples. Why did Aurangazeb then order the demolition of Hindu temples like the Kasi Viswanath, Tulja Bhavani etc. ?

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #3: RSS spread hate propaganda against Hemant Karkare. It was the Congress MP A R Antulay who came up with cheap conspiracy theories about Karkare's death in 26/11 attributing it to an RSS conspiracy. Teesta is propagating such cheap lies.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #4: "I oppose both majority and minority communalism" - in a lecture which lasted 1 hr 30 min, why did Teesta  not tell us what she did for the victims of the Godhra train burning? Why is she selectively targeting the Hindu community.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #5: The FIRs against me are filed by a vicious Gujarat Govt:
The SIT, which investigated complaints against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others in a riot case, told a court on Tuesday that activist Teesta Setalvad might tamper with evidence if she was allowed to inspect the original documents of the probe.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #6: Kausar Bano case was validated by courts:
As the SIT goes about its task, more and more evidence is surfacing that the human rights lobby had, in many cases, spun macabre stories of rape and brutal killings by tutoring witnesses before the SC. In  the process, it might have played a significant role in misleading the SC to suit its political objectives against Modi and his government.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #7: Gulbarg society complaint against me is vendetta:
How Teesta Setalvad lied in defence of her lies In response to this note, members of Gulbarg Society, who have been allegedly duped, wrote an open letter to three of those signatories -  retired judges. They expressed surprise and amazement at how retired judges could sign a letter in support of someone without knowing the
facts of the case. They also alleged that this act by such retired  judges was an "act to influence the administration of justice".

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #8: There is no case against me about influencing
Gujarat victims:
"in 2005, Zahira Sheikh accused Teesta Setalvad of physically controlling her from July 6, 2003 to November 3, 2004 and tutoring her to give a certain type of testimony in court. She said the affidavit submitted to the NHRC in the name of Zahira Sheikh by Setalvad (600-odd pages of documentation) was unsigned! They were, Zahira
sneered, mere pamphlets."

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #9: RSS does not respect Indian Flag:
When China slapped Nehru then he invited patriotism of RSS to  participate in the Republic Day Parade in 1963.
See pic at the link above of 3500 strong contigent of Swayamsevaks participating in Republic Day parade in 1963.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #10: RSS is divisive:
1) CNN-IBN coverage on RSS-Uttarakhand-Relief-Works
2) RSS role in Tsunami Relief Work:
The massive relief work carried out by Seva Bharati following the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2008 Bihar flood and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami came in for considerable appreciation from various quarters.[1][2] The organisation is also known for its efforts in rehabilitating the victims of terror, especially the children who are rendered orphans by terror attacks.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Religions in Kerala and BJP chances

See this as a reference . Interesting to notice that though the Hindu population in 2001 was abt 56% and Muslim 24% , with "children below 6" figures for these two religions being already (in 2001 itself) closer to 50% for Hindus and 31% for Muslims, and given that the "children born per woman" rate is almost twice for Muslims as compared to Hindus, it is quite clear that Kerala will, in a matter of few generations, become a Muslim majority state .  Already 2 of the 14 districts are Muslim majority (one with ~80%)
Anyways, just saw a news item that BJP has declared its candidates for Kerala . Not sure if its official yet, but assuming so, here is some quick "fightable" seats

1) With Syrian Christians almost 50% in Pathanamthitta looks like BJP is eyeing that by fielding (a Syrian christian, IAS, was once independent MLA with Communist support) and wooing Christians  . Well, BJP has 'nothing to lose' .. but then I guess both UDF and LDF too will field candidates from the same community and then it will be interesting to watch

The other districts with the Syrian christian community in significant numbers are Kottayam, Idukki and Thrissur in that order, but I guess unless BJP fields a person from that community, they will not get much votes from Syrian Christians. In fact the whole point of suppporting - or making it so appear - Alphons, may be to ensure some sort of representation, in case NDA gets to power.. well, yet again, BJP has 'nothing to lose'.

2)  Thiruvananthapuram - fielding Rajagopal,  BJP must be hoping to improve on its 2004 performance, where CPI won with 37.45% , congress came second with 30.30 and BJP a 'close third' with 29.86 . Ezhava/SC leaders have shared stage to Narendra Modi, but its not clear if that would be a factor.  If either Congress or CPI decide to "sell some votes" to the other side to make sure BJP doesn't open its account in Kerala, it will be tough for the BJP. It is more likely that Congress will sell it to CPI as their sitting MP Shashi Tharoor is likely to migrate outside kerala, and this is one of the few seats that CPI is offered by its big brother CPM and they would not want to lose it

3) Kasargode -I guess won always by CPM since 1989 ..   In 2009 BJPs vote share was just one-third of the winning candidates ..  and this is perhaps the third most 'hopeful' constituency for BJP in Kerala !

So that more or less shows the situation that BJP is in Kerala.. At best 2 likely seats, and I see the chances of that at 10%, and chances of winning at least 1 seat, at 25% . Yet, I think this election will be for BJP to assert itself.. that it is still a force - however small - in Kerala, and to show that the cadre is solidly behind Modi. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why Delhi is India and Why it is not

In couple of my previous posts, I had mentioned a thing or two about Aam Admi Party ( and they turned out to be true as well, with Arvind Kejriwal himself admitting that he is an anarchist ) more as a tailpiece. In contrast, in this post, I start of with that topic, not so much because of its significance, but its dishonesty that pains any patriot

I have followed politics in India from around 1989 or so - thats right, it has been quarter a century. Interestingly, the year 1989 saw couple of incidents that perhaps dramatically changed the course of India, unfortunately in the negative direction. One, V P Singh became the Prime Minister. Two, the Rubaiya Sayeed kidnapping ( ) . The second one - I personally have no doubts - was a drama, with the the Father of the kidnapped - Mufti Sayeed - himself involved, and perhaps even VP Singh. To quote wikipedia, "The kidnapping set the stage for heightened militancy in the state. Many say the abduction was the watershed in the Kashmir insurgency. Releasing the militants was nothing short of a blunder"

Let me now for a moment shift the focus to VP Singh, the man who essentially made it all happen. It was more or less a "dramatic" agenda on which he stormed to power - Mandal Commission recommended reservations. Debates on the reservation policy and its impacts apart, the man was a disaster as PM of India. Unfortunately, the trend that he started, produced a few more such "instant PMs" - Chandrashekar, DevaGowda and Gujral - all big failures. Arvind Kejriwal, unfortunately looks more dangerous that all of them ! He has shown that he can go to any extend to misuse the tax payers money (eg: the water subsidy, electricity subsidy) for personal gains of his (i.e Loksabha ambitions). He has shown over and over that he can tell lies of any extend to hypnotize people. He has shown that he simply doesn't care for Delhi that he was CM for 49 days, just cares about his personal ambitions. And worst, he has in his team, a bunch of extreme anti-Nationals, well, actually, under the mask, Arvind is the master

So, what does that leave us with ? After the 49 day drama, and realizing that he is fast losing time to create the anarchy at the National level, the jackal that he is , created a new drama to wash his hands off Delhi and aim for the bigger selfish ambition.  Interestingly, the same fellow whose party criticized the media of being paid by Modi, comes on at least 3 English Channels the day after he resigns. It is clear that Arvind has had at least 10 years of training (leave it to you to judge where all that training would have been) to be a shameless politician. And my best guess is that he is crying fowl about gas prices and Ambanis (interestingly VP Singh too had a tussle with Ambanis I suppose) because that is probably one of the big unrealistic promises that he will float for Loksabha elections - to perhaps make the fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG etc) prices to half... don't we see the pattern from Delhi ?

But then, I hope that the following points will make it difficult for Kejriwal -
0) A cheat will pay for his action, at some point for sure.. hopefully sooner than later .
1)  Indian voters have become smarter and more informed, especially the youth. Not to say that AAP will not grow in supprot - in a diverse country like India, there will always be people who "fall for the drama". But over all, the voting pattern in the last few years show a change.
2) Delhi was after almost a year of work as a formal party, and a couple of years of ground work as IAC, and yet AAP came second to a party (BJP) that was predicted to get only about 10 seats in opinion polls about 2 months before Delhi elections.. BJP delayed declaring HarshVardhan as CM candidate and it costed them. But at the National level, Modi has already covered a huuge ground, and still comes up with ideas like the chaipecharcha
3) Finally, the complexities of politics, especially in states with 3 or more "main parties" (like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana) can make it possible that AAP may actually eat more into the anti-BJP vote than BJPs

Having said that, Arvind's theatrics is still a threat to BJP, not so much because of his or his parties merits, but because of the inherent nature of BJP itself - a) It doesn't have significant presence in many Indian states still ; b) Being a Nationalist party, and as a party with leaders and followers who genuinely want to see India rise up as a great power, BJP will not go to the extend of making promises and doing theatrics that could damage India .

At this point, the NDA seems to be at a 220 mark.. Kejriwals theatrics could make it +20 , or may be -20 !  And what should BJP do ? Good candidate selection, a populist yet Nationalistic manifesto & tireless ground work

Can Modi, who has been the master at turning things around, make it 240 ? Interestingly, this is my 240th post !!