Why Delhi is India and Why it is not

In couple of my previous posts, I had mentioned a thing or two about Aam Admi Party ( and they turned out to be true as well, with Arvind Kejriwal himself admitting that he is an anarchist ) more as a tailpiece. In contrast, in this post, I start of with that topic, not so much because of its significance, but its dishonesty that pains any patriot

I have followed politics in India from around 1989 or so - thats right, it has been quarter a century. Interestingly, the year 1989 saw couple of incidents that perhaps dramatically changed the course of India, unfortunately in the negative direction. One, V P Singh became the Prime Minister. Two, the Rubaiya Sayeed kidnapping ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_kidnapping_of_Rubaiya_Sayeed ) . The second one - I personally have no doubts - was a drama, with the the Father of the kidnapped - Mufti Sayeed - himself involved, and perhaps even VP Singh. To quote wikipedia, "The kidnapping set the stage for heightened militancy in the state. Many say the abduction was the watershed in the Kashmir insurgency. Releasing the militants was nothing short of a blunder"

Let me now for a moment shift the focus to VP Singh, the man who essentially made it all happen. It was more or less a "dramatic" agenda on which he stormed to power - Mandal Commission recommended reservations. Debates on the reservation policy and its impacts apart, the man was a disaster as PM of India. Unfortunately, the trend that he started, produced a few more such "instant PMs" - Chandrashekar, DevaGowda and Gujral - all big failures. Arvind Kejriwal, unfortunately looks more dangerous that all of them ! He has shown that he can go to any extend to misuse the tax payers money (eg: the water subsidy, electricity subsidy) for personal gains of his (i.e Loksabha ambitions). He has shown over and over that he can tell lies of any extend to hypnotize people. He has shown that he simply doesn't care for Delhi that he was CM for 49 days, just cares about his personal ambitions. And worst, he has in his team, a bunch of extreme anti-Nationals, well, actually, under the mask, Arvind is the master

So, what does that leave us with ? After the 49 day drama, and realizing that he is fast losing time to create the anarchy at the National level, the jackal that he is , created a new drama to wash his hands off Delhi and aim for the bigger selfish ambition.  Interestingly, the same fellow whose party criticized the media of being paid by Modi, comes on at least 3 English Channels the day after he resigns. It is clear that Arvind has had at least 10 years of training (leave it to you to judge where all that training would have been) to be a shameless politician. And my best guess is that he is crying fowl about gas prices and Ambanis (interestingly VP Singh too had a tussle with Ambanis I suppose) because that is probably one of the big unrealistic promises that he will float for Loksabha elections - to perhaps make the fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG etc) prices to half... don't we see the pattern from Delhi ?

But then, I hope that the following points will make it difficult for Kejriwal -
0) A cheat will pay for his action, at some point for sure.. hopefully sooner than later .
1)  Indian voters have become smarter and more informed, especially the youth. Not to say that AAP will not grow in supprot - in a diverse country like India, there will always be people who "fall for the drama". But over all, the voting pattern in the last few years show a change.
2) Delhi was after almost a year of work as a formal party, and a couple of years of ground work as IAC, and yet AAP came second to a party (BJP) that was predicted to get only about 10 seats in opinion polls about 2 months before Delhi elections.. BJP delayed declaring HarshVardhan as CM candidate and it costed them. But at the National level, Modi has already covered a huuge ground, and still comes up with ideas like the chaipecharcha
3) Finally, the complexities of politics, especially in states with 3 or more "main parties" (like UP, Bihar, Maharashtra, Haryana) can make it possible that AAP may actually eat more into the anti-BJP vote than BJPs

Having said that, Arvind's theatrics is still a threat to BJP, not so much because of his or his parties merits, but because of the inherent nature of BJP itself - a) It doesn't have significant presence in many Indian states still ; b) Being a Nationalist party, and as a party with leaders and followers who genuinely want to see India rise up as a great power, BJP will not go to the extend of making promises and doing theatrics that could damage India .

At this point, the NDA seems to be at a 220 mark.. Kejriwals theatrics could make it +20 , or may be -20 !  And what should BJP do ? Good candidate selection, a populist yet Nationalistic manifesto & tireless ground work

Can Modi, who has been the master at turning things around, make it 240 ? Interestingly, this is my 240th post !!