Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Some of my favorite lines from Adhyatma Ramayanam by Thunchathezhuthachan, the Mallu version of Valmiki Ramayanam (poem, translation and pic- source- internet)

chakshusravana galasthamaam darduram

bhakshanathinnapekshikkunnathu pole

kaalaahina parigrasthamaam lokavum

aalola chethasaa bhOgangal thEdunnu

'Like a trapped frog looking for food even when it is in the mouth of the snake,So does the world caught by the serpent of time,Seeks pleasure with a weak heart.’

paanthar peruvazhiyambalam thannile

thaantharaykoodi viyOgam varumbOle

nadyaamozhukunna kaashthangal pOleyum

ethrayum chanchalamaalayasangamam

'Like travelers who assemble at a lodge and depart in the morning,like logs that float on the river (they departs with strong currents) so fragile is the unions on earth.’

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Gopikrishnan said...

There is scarcely any lines superior to these verses of Ezhuththachchan which can confer the adrift and fragile nature of human life as simply and beautifully as well.