Some of my favorite lines from Adhyatma Ramayanam by Thunchathezhuthachan, the Mallu version of Valmiki Ramayanam (poem, translation and pic- source- internet)

chakshusravana galasthamaam darduram

bhakshanathinnapekshikkunnathu pole

kaalaahina parigrasthamaam lokavum

aalola chethasaa bhOgangal thEdunnu

'Like a trapped frog looking for food even when it is in the mouth of the snake,So does the world caught by the serpent of time,Seeks pleasure with a weak heart.’

paanthar peruvazhiyambalam thannile

thaantharaykoodi viyOgam varumbOle

nadyaamozhukunna kaashthangal pOleyum

ethrayum chanchalamaalayasangamam

'Like travelers who assemble at a lodge and depart in the morning,like logs that float on the river (they departs with strong currents) so fragile is the unions on earth.’


Gopikrishnan said…
There is scarcely any lines superior to these verses of Ezhuththachchan which can confer the adrift and fragile nature of human life as simply and beautifully as well.
GS said…
Inspired by you, I set forth to read Adhyatma Ramayana