the treasures unopened - part 1

Let me tell u one of my favorite incidences in Mahabharatha - in brief. After the 18 day war got over, Krishna aska Arjuna to get out of the chariot first before he does (against the norm of sArathi getting out first). After Arjuna got out, Krishna too got out and he freed the horses.. Alas within seconds the chariot burst into flames . To a wonder struck Arjuna, Krshna tells that all the 18 days the chariot have had so many blows on it, but due to his powers, he posponed the effect of those until the war was over !!

fast fwwd.. and "modern times".. I had a very crucial deadline on wednesday..the sunday before that, i decided not to skip the weekly volleyball as i thought that wud be a good relaxation before the final 2 days before the deadline. It rained heavily on sunday and i played in the rain, got drenched, enjoying it- but quite foolish of me to have done that with the deadline ahead as I am very prone to catching real bad colds if I get wet like that. For once, I was concerned, but then I prayed for the "usual" protection.. I told myself that I am not gonna be sick. I finish my work on tuesday evening, and tuesday night I fall sick !!

Hope you saw the connection. Nope, this is not the only incident - almost every major exam in my life, every major incident, I have fallen sick hours after I completed those. I do believe in the divine protection just before and during the event/exam


Swicthing gears from personal to something more relevant to te topic of this post.. Even assuming you don't wanna believe in divine, I think the MhB story has a great philosophical and practical message . By Kathopanishad 3.3.3

atmanam rathinam vidhi, sariram rathameva tu;
buddhihi tu sarathi viddhi, manah pragrahameva

(Know that the self is like the lord of the chariot and the body is his chariot. Know that the intellect is the charioteer and the mind the reins. The senses they say are the horses, the objects of the senses the roads)

As long as the intellect , through the mind is in control of the senses, the body was safe and sound - and my autosuggestions, it could even postpone a disease ! The moment the intellect let the senses go in their own direction, the body went into flames ....

For the Jnana Yogi its the intellect that controls, for the Raja Yogi he controls it through his meditation , for the Karma Yogi its the power of detachment that helps, and for a Bhakta its the connection to the divinity that helps - thats all the difference is from individual to individual

Manytimes people ask - "Okay, agreed there are lot of hidden treasures in our old scriptures.. So what ? If you do not make use of them in your life ?"

True, very true ... but I can tell u atleast this one - that you can postpone many diseases with powers of the Divine, or powers of the mind (whichever way u wanna look at it) - I have practised all along in my life...

AND, whats the point if one's is not even willing to take a look at those treasures... ?


I stop here for now... I do intend to take up future parts to this series - is the famous "twin paradox" of Physics mentioned in MhB ?? the archaeopteryx connection to Hindu "mythology" ?? Gita through the lens of psychology.. and so on.. watch out

Also, suggested further reading connected to part -1 :

a) By theory of karma, this "postponement" is like the AgAmi karma.. read more, esp the bowman example

b) Powers of the mind by Swami Vivekananda - a "surprise" for those who haven't read before !!