random collection

Nice interview... thanks to "mod" for sending me .. I am so looking fwd to meeting and hearing swamiji in august

In the para where he says, everything is spiritual for us, I was reminded of my fav quote of Aurobindo

"Spirituality is India's only politics &
Sanathana Dharma its only Swaraj"

(Comes somewhere in India's Rebirth, the complete book is online at http://www.voiceofdharma.org )


On a slightly different note, today marks exactly 3 years ever since Varsha wrote a column in rediff.. I may not have agreed with every word she wrote, but can't hide the fact that I miss those blasts in rediff.. Can't help but wonder, what has happened to Asha Bhosle's daughter ?!

(she almost mentioned/blasted me in one her columns, did not take the name though .. and yeah, used a link sent by me and my friend for one of her "last min" columns, which was actually a key point in the column.. )


Sailesh Ganesh said…
Is Swami Dayananda Saraswathi coming to USA in August? Do you have the details of his visit?