The mallu christian actresses !

(Pic: Meera jasmine, from the net)

Mallu land remains like the oil in water.... seperate from the rest of India.. it never stops surprising me. When in Bollywood, almost every (ready every) non Hindu actor is married to or after a Hindu girl (/actress/model), the Mallu christian actresses have set a reverse trend

* Years before , actress Lizi married director Priyadarshan (did she become Lakshmi ?!)

* Annie, another famous actress married to Shaji Kailas (filmmaker) and now has two kids- Jagan and Jain

* Actress Beena Antony, if my memory serves me right married a Hindu guy

And now Meera Jasmine - the National award winning actress and born to a christian family - seems to be the next in line. There are rumours of her affair with a leading Hindu actor, but I would consider that gossipp until they themselves admit. But then she visited a temple recently. As usual the orthodox temple authorities have made it an issue and done purification - idiots, your minds needs purification. A race hell bent on self-extinction !!!

Interestingly one report in Keralakaumudi says she has converted to Hinduism (which I do not buy yet) . In another report, Meera has said she had the permission after having affirmed her faith in Hindu rituals and practices, and apologised for any hurth feelings for having entered the temple.... Oh yeah, Those who want to become Hindus also, you gotta take them through a path of "apologies" .. before you welcome them - unwillingly - into the already apologetic Hindu crowd ..

Anyday behind you, Meera, compared to the spineless namesake Hindus who are ashamed of their religion.. My best wishes

Update on Aug 9, 2011: After Lizzie, Annie, Jomol, Beena Antony the latest edition to the list is Nayantara . Meera Jasmine too seems to be set to marry a Hindu


Rambler said…
Hi Drisya

I saw the controversy over Meera in the news too. And I felt ashamed of my fellow- Mallu Hindus. While Hindus in the rest of India welcome non-Hindus into their folds, Malluland continues its path down disaster lane.

It's sad.....When someone wants to respect our faith and enter our house of worship, we shun them.

Maybe we should start an online list of Hindus behind Meera!

froginthewell said…
Rambler, I am afraid you might be feeling ashamed of your fellow-mallu hindus for the wrong reason. It is not the hindus of kEraLa but either the government or a bunch of highly corrupt dEvasvam officials who decide on these things ( I don't know what gives them the spiritual authority to make decisions on who can enter the temple and who cannot. May be however, we should feel ashamed that not enough people are standing up and taking a stance on this.

More in the comment section to aruN's next post.

Anonymous said…
Lizzy is Parvathy after marriage and Annie is Chitra . Here is a nice interview of Shaji Kailas and Chitra, where they mention Chitra enjoying going to temples and even Guruvayur. If she has to go to Guruvayur, she must have officially converted
Anonymous said…
How could you have missed Jomol ?

Gowri Chandrasekhara Pillai (alias Jomol) is a Malayali actress. She has appearared in films like: Nirom, Piriyadha Varam Vendum and Deepasthambham Mahascharyam

Friday, March 28, 2003
Jo Mol has adopted Hinduism. She has now changed her name to Gouri. She did this at a ceremony held in Pune's Arya Samaajam. She got married to an Engineer with the Merchant Navy and is now residing in Mumbai. She made it clear that she wasn't changing religion out of compulsion. Other actresses too have converted before. Lisa had converted to Hinduism through Arya Samaajam when she got married to Priyadarshan and Annie did the same when she got married to Shaji Kailash


And your guess about Meera Jasmine to be the next ( if not to convert, atleast to marry a Hindu guy) seem to be correct

It is reported by media that she will be marrying U. Rajesh, a mandolin artist. Rajesh and Meera have formally confirmed the love they have for each other. Rajesh is the brother of notable mandolin artist U. Srinivas. However, according to Meera Jasmine, she will not be marrying Rajesh for another two years, till her on-going film commitments are over