Nanniyaarodu njan chollendu* ?!

Alright, so cleared the PhD proposal defense.. with a note which essentially meant "you have a long way to go tho', but we clear ur proposal, and you can get on track with ur work"

So this is a li'l thank you note, for any of u who may have missed an individual mail from me ...

I have got a whole world to thank for.. from Ma Saraswathi who gave me all courage yesterday evening to my parents (who sure deserve a visit by me after 3 long years) to all my friends to my dear Chetak, which hardly game me any trouble in the past 6 months while I was working thro' this

Many of ur wishes meant a lot to me... and rambler, I have to say your little note yesterday was really touching... after all you are "chechi" (elder sis) to me by 3 days :-) .. so do I get something on Aug 9 ?! :-) ...

with that litttle note, I go back to my adrisya mode, only to be back with more later


ps: title of the post from a song from the Malayalam movie "Aham", which literally translates to "whom should I thank? "


Anonymous said…
Congrats for the phd defence part.
I am a reader from india and have got inspired to learn sanskrit after reading your blog.

All the best.
drisyadrisya said…
Thanks anon

Just a clarif.. it was only the proposal defense.. still a long way to go for the PhD