So now, I have an answer for "Is there a point in online petitions?" . The petition was featured and heavily quoted as a main news in Kerala's second leading newspaper - Mathrubhumi- with a circulation of over seven million ( the heading of this post is the exact number of circulation as quoted in Jan 05, in this news item


I wish all u cud read Mallu :-) or there were an english version of the paper . How did Rambler and I do it ? - ha ha thats a secret :-) .. and believe me guys, it was perhaps even featured on Amrita TV and MAY - MAY come in a leading Indian American newspaper as well

And thanks to my friend in UIC and his brother in Kerala, a printed copy of the petition is hopefully on its way to the Temple Devaswom board

Thank You one and all for your support and I think I am most likely going to follow this up...whenever I am done with my exam !!!


On second thoughts, my heart bleeds for my non-Mallu friends who can't read it.. so here goes my translation

The first picture is the front page of the internet version from http://www.mathrubhumi.com

The title reads "American Hindus in support of Meera Jasmine"

The second picture is the internet version of the news. The translation is roughly as follows

"American Hindus have come out in support of Meera Jasmine who has been criticised for worshipping in Taliparamba Raja Rajeshwari temple.

The group calling itself as "NRI Hindus" have called upon Hindus around the world to protest against the incident. Most of those who have responded on the site www.petitiononline.com/4meera are malayalis

Meera may have breached the law. But what logic is there to the law? is the question asked in the introduction. Lot of non-Hindus have darsan in temples without anyone knowing. Do they do purification for such incidents ? Is it her fault that Meera is famous ? Those who respect hinduism are not stopped at any temples. Why different rules only for temples in Kerala ?

It is noticeable that Jasmine Mary Joseph have adopted the name Meera and have repeatedly said she respects hinduism and temple beliefs. A true believer should be welcomed in any temple - the petition says by quoting Swami Vivekanada

Those who say Meera Jasmine should apologize should be the ones apologizing for their narrow mindedness. Boards saying non-hindus are not welcome should be removed from temples. The group says that if need be one can get a written statement saying they believe in temple rituals

Eventhough most people who have responded to the petition are from USA, there is also Anil Damodaran from UK. Anil who is from Taliparamba says he is ashemed of the incident. Some people have protested against Marxist rules as well. Malini Nair has asked that if Marxists can steal money from temples, why can't true devotees like Meera be allowed atleast a darsan.

Anupama Ramachandran, a research student from Maryland University is the one leading the campaign for Meera Jasmine "



lazysusan said…
Cool. Congrats !
drisyadrisya said…
thanks "S" :-)

am just archiving the links of bloggers around the world who came in support of this



sepiamutiny posted it as a news, but I am afraid the link is dynamic

globalvoices: thanks to Neha

will keep adding more as i come across
Patrix said…
Congrats for getting noticed. I hope this has made some difference and raised some awareness for eradicating narrowmindedness.
drisyadrisya said…
Thanks patrix

and hopefully, this one's the permanent link to mathrubhumi news

Nyneishia said…
Good job and congrats :) Glad more can now see the point.
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thanks "nyns" :-)