selected 10 lies of Teesta Setalvad from her hate speech at IITM

Background: See this article about the increasing communist propoganda happening at IIT Madras ( Chennai ). . The video of the talk by Teesta Setalvad ( apparently edited by the communist General secretary Deepak Johnson and his friend, the SFI red volunteer Ayyappadas , but not hiding the hate speech itself ) is available at

In the comments section of the article, there is a post on some of the various lies spewed out by Teesta in her talk . I am reposting with one addition  to lie #9 , it was Teesta who once had on the website of her NGO a map of India with no Kashmir and most of NE missing. The map of Pakistan adjacent to it was much bigger than that of India ..

Map of Pakistan and India as was present in the website of an 'Indian' NGO run by Teesta Setalvad
 Now for the list of 10 lies ( selected, out of her umpteen ones) as was posted in the comments section of the article


Lie # 1. Reg the Hindu Undivided Family & Inheritance Act: It is the  BJP (her pet hate) which has always argued for a uniform civil code to bring about real equality of all citizens before the law. If the 'minorities' hold on to their ghetto mentality and oppose the uniform  civil code, why is she blaming the 'majority' for it.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #2: Aurangazeb gave grants to Hindu temples. Why did Aurangazeb then order the demolition of Hindu temples like the Kasi Viswanath, Tulja Bhavani etc. ?

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #3: RSS spread hate propaganda against Hemant Karkare. It was the Congress MP A R Antulay who came up with cheap conspiracy theories about Karkare's death in 26/11 attributing it to an RSS conspiracy. Teesta is propagating such cheap lies.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #4: "I oppose both majority and minority communalism" - in a lecture which lasted 1 hr 30 min, why did Teesta  not tell us what she did for the victims of the Godhra train burning? Why is she selectively targeting the Hindu community.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #5: The FIRs against me are filed by a vicious Gujarat Govt:
The SIT, which investigated complaints against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and others in a riot case, told a court on Tuesday that activist Teesta Setalvad might tamper with evidence if she was allowed to inspect the original documents of the probe.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #6: Kausar Bano case was validated by courts:
As the SIT goes about its task, more and more evidence is surfacing that the human rights lobby had, in many cases, spun macabre stories of rape and brutal killings by tutoring witnesses before the SC. In  the process, it might have played a significant role in misleading the SC to suit its political objectives against Modi and his government.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #7: Gulbarg society complaint against me is vendetta:
How Teesta Setalvad lied in defence of her lies In response to this note, members of Gulbarg Society, who have been allegedly duped, wrote an open letter to three of those signatories -  retired judges. They expressed surprise and amazement at how retired judges could sign a letter in support of someone without knowing the
facts of the case. They also alleged that this act by such retired  judges was an "act to influence the administration of justice".

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #8: There is no case against me about influencing
Gujarat victims:
"in 2005, Zahira Sheikh accused Teesta Setalvad of physically controlling her from July 6, 2003 to November 3, 2004 and tutoring her to give a certain type of testimony in court. She said the affidavit submitted to the NHRC in the name of Zahira Sheikh by Setalvad (600-odd pages of documentation) was unsigned! They were, Zahira
sneered, mere pamphlets."

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #9: RSS does not respect Indian Flag:
When China slapped Nehru then he invited patriotism of RSS to  participate in the Republic Day Parade in 1963.
See pic at the link above of 3500 strong contigent of Swayamsevaks participating in Republic Day parade in 1963.

#TeestaisaLiar Lie #10: RSS is divisive:
1) CNN-IBN coverage on RSS-Uttarakhand-Relief-Works
2) RSS role in Tsunami Relief Work:
The massive relief work carried out by Seva Bharati following the 2001 Gujarat earthquake, the 2008 Bihar flood and the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami came in for considerable appreciation from various quarters.[1][2] The organisation is also known for its efforts in rehabilitating the victims of terror, especially the children who are rendered orphans by terror attacks.


drisyadrisya said…
Here is a Jan 2002 article

bangalore: the rss will hoist the national flag at its shakas every year from now onwards. the rss, which has set for itself the goal to induce nationalism in every citizen of the country, had till now not followed the national practice of hoisting the tricolour at its shakas every august 15 and january 26, except for a few exceptions. they, however, hoisted the tricolour on this republic day at its nagpur headquarters. rss national executive member k. suryanarayana rao told reporters at the samarasata sangam (social harmony meet) here on sunday that the rss did not biannually hoist the flag because till a few days ago, there were stringent rules restricting the hoisting of the flag only on government buildings. ``now that the rules have been relaxed, we will also hoist the flag,''

You can see some pics also at

An isolated incident when some one forcefully entering a secured area being prevented to do things the way they want, does not generalize ideologies and beliefs. Cunning people can try to use it for propaganda of course, but truth will prevail ultimately
souixsie said…
So members of the Gulbarg Society are now Hindutvadis? Orwell will be turning in his grave. The Indian left-lib version would give the pigs from Animal Farm a run for their money.