imagination or....... ?

call it too much of imagination or tiredness ...

but then....

read this sequence of events once,

* Rajiv Gandhi "meets" an italian woman - sonia

* marries her, she is accepted into India "most powerful family"

* soon, sanjay gandhi dies

* maneka gandhi gets thrown out of the family

* indira gandhi dies

* sonia's hubby is now indias PM ... but soon he loses his popularity.. its no more a unipolar party politics in india..

* sonia's husband gets killed ... in an event where she did not accompany him

* Two of the parties, young and dynamic leaders die in "accidents" - madhavrao scindia and rajesh pilot

* and finally, the complete control of the party as well as the "most powerful family" is in her hands ...

* and the saga continues...... the (erstwhile) young turk of of kaangress, pranab, gets injured in an "accident" ..


Ummmmmmm, now assume that Sonia is indeed, a well trained, self motivated , mole , plotted into the indian system by some agency... and reread the above sequence.... is it just my fancy ?

And now, Rahul Gandhi, "meets" a Columbian girl ... deja vu, all over again ?


m r rao said…
You have made a powerful and plausible case.

India narrowly escaped from the most humiliating ignominy when this Italian mole almost became PM.

We have a long way to go before India can be cleansed of such poilitical vermin.