PC issues another 'final warning'

The following 2 links r items from March 2010


dire warning from India that another cross-border attack on its soil would invite a swift and decisive response from New Delhi.


In a categorical warning to Islamabad, New Delhi has said India would "respond swiftly and decisively" if there is another attack emanating from Pakistan.

That shud make us proud, and hopeful . But wait a minute - what about this Nov 2009 speech -


In a very strongly worded speech, Home Minister P Chidambaram has issued what he called a final warning to Pakistan.


Home Minister P Chidambaram on Saturday night warned Pakistan against meddling with India and said any more attack from the country will be retaliated “very strongly”

Pune attack happened, and we all saw what did (not) happen

So what PC meant must be that next time there is an attack, he will be much more swift in issuing the next final warning !


Sethu said…
His predecessor used to 'CONDEMN' as soon as any terrorist attack took place.