suppressio veri suggestio falsi

Dear Shri Raman

I appreciate you coming up with a quick article on the mosque blasts... And the appeal to muslims not to get intimidated ..

In the above article you have quoted samjhauta blasts as a "targeted attack" on Muslims ..

However in a previous article you had mentioned that

It seems that while the majority of the 68 passengers killed in the explosions-cum-fire in two coaches of the Samjhauta Express at Deewana, near Panipat, on February 18 were Pakistani nationals, more Hindus than Muslims were killed.


What is the truth ? Why are the Nationalities and the religious affiliations of the victims of Samjhauta blasts not made public ? Were most of them who got killed Pakistani Hindus ? out of the very few who are left out ......

thanks and regards