two blogposts..

Here are two blogposts, related to Kerala, which I enjoyed reading


I used to not like Achuthanandan for in addition to being a commie, his speeches seemed way too artificial and political for me, but that perhaps was just his style. If not anything else, the 80 some CM has surely proved to be an action man. I shall wait and watch


Ranjith has looked at the issue from various angles.. It also has a mention of yours truly and the good old Meera Jasmine petition. One thing I ardently hope is that the commies do not get credit for what is an internal evolution within Kerala-Hinduism...


Anonymous said…
actually, I am not as optimistic as you are that commies will not take the credit for the recent changes in hinduism in kerala. as long as they dominate the academic circles in the social sciences, there is no way that positive changes will be attributed to the internal logic of hinduism while all negative outcomes (as, for example, sati) are but surely the fault of hinduism.