"March" ing the madness !

12 hrs after this post : Did I go overboard a bit and scare my friends ? With this post, if I gave an impression that something seriously gone wrong, I am sorry... the intention was not that.. I had gotten a couple of questions, and also a comment in the previous post, asking why no updates for close to a month - things have been a bit unpleasant for me, and I could never gather the mood for a post.. it was a bit hectic times as well.. and I just wanted to bring that out, but alas, I might have ended up scaring a few friends. It was a good feeling tho' to get a phone call, checking if all's well with me ... :-) ... yes, things are just quite fine.... thanks all, and await some non-personal usual kinna posts next week :-)

Its so ironical.... last years month of March


And this years, things have gotten, shall I say, worse ...(one reason why posts were missing from this space for long) . Well, in the least, my I can say, my life took a sudden diversion this month, drastic changes to follow soon -- I don't know what that implies...

Started off with an intention to test waters, but I did not expect to have landed myself in a path so different from what I thought I wanted to do in life... - good or bad, I donno, but there goes....
life's like that, they say

And to add to the wound, was the news of the death of a good friend of mine... aaah, not surprisingly that I am reminded of last years March ..... and yes, as the cold has started getting the better of me, blocking my nose and itching my eyes,.... I have started counting the days....

Am I upset ? Am I depressed ? Can't say "no" to both, but I shall move on, taking whatever life offers, and hopefully that also means, back to regular (atleast weekly once a week) posts