What better day to have my 108th blogpost than Deepavali day ..... ! And what a coincidence.. I will b turning 27 by the end of this month... thats 27 times 12 ... 324 months ! which is 3 times 108 !! Its like 108 months of the kid phase, the boy phase and the "youth" phase is over and now am preparing for the fourth phase, ha ha ... apparently some astro has predicted that it will be 36 by the time I get "well settled".... ha ha ha , thats another 108 months away !! (as a matter of fact 35-36 is about the MAXIMUM that I wanted to b in US, even before hearing any of the astro stuff .... ) .. would b interesting to watch how things shape up in my life ! isn't it cool to watch one's own life as though the drik were different from the drisya :-)

Deepavali ShubhAsayAH .... check out this nice message (and old one) by former Fiji Prime Minister and labour party leader Mahendra Chaudhury http://www.flp.org.fj/n021102.htm

And leaving thoughts on 108:


for those mathematically inclined at 18 degress :-) ...


and for some personal philosophical notes


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lazysusan said…
happy diwali to you and your family !