ID appendix1 ! (janmashtami @ Kerala)

It started raining heavily, minutes before the scheduled time of the Shobhayatra, and yet, noone left, no parent complained on behalf of their kid..... they waited in anticipation.. the Balagokulam volunteers distributed "nanacha avalum sarkara-naalikerom" .. well soaked flattened rice with jaggery and coconut mixed.... to all the participating kids..that pointy I wished I too had dressed up as some.... O well, may be a Rakshasa as that wud have suited me better

Used that waiting time to have some fun for the kids.. dig cams are still a wonder for some of them, who were crowding around me to see their pics on the cam_screen

No waiting for complete stoppage of rain... after all Mallus know how to do things with umbrella in one hand :-)

The tablaeu put up by "our temple" .. by the way, this is the main juntion near my house and on the left of the pic you can see a part of the Tali temple - maintained and run by the Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti and for the libretaion of which stalwarts like Kelappaji had done satyagraha ... me used to go there atleast once daily, onway to school (those shirt and dothi restrictions do not exist there... in fact I don't actualy remember seeing the "no entry for non-hindu" board also there......)

Technology goes hand in hand with the tradition... For a while I kept wondering where the Chenda mElaM sound was coming from, when I could not see those musicians as part of the foot-procession... and then I figured out ... indeed, not for their protection from the rain, but for their instruments :-)

This was an awesome tablaeu put up one of the other two temples who were part of the procession .. the muni is actually a kid..... so how did they do it ?! :-) ... thats a secret !!

Drenched, and yet, shouting Krishna bhajans and slogans at the top of their voices.... the rich and the poor, the "big" and the "small" ............


Pics taken on Sep 14, 2006.... have to add that mea family donated a humble Rs 1160/- for the event :-)


lazysusan said…
Hi A,

Tagged you for a Meme. Have fun.

Anonymous said…

Nice pics.

Whats wid 1160 ? Some magic number ?
drisyadrisya said…
Hey LS... will try to have your meme filled up after a few days

Dear Anon

Well, I have heard some belief that Krishna lived to 116 years, and that an ideal "lifespan" is 116.... donno the references

moreover, the organizers told me that it was costing them 1150/- for making announcements (renting a jeep, the sound system etc etc), and so me essentially decided to sponsor that