Tooo lazy today !!

One of those usual random searches and I ended up at Chakravyuha @ wiki . For long I have been wanting to get some comprehensive material on the Chakravyha formation. Longtime before some one had shown me the spiral, and after the warrior enters the spiral, it closes on one side, making him essentially trapped by a number of layers. But questions remained - how come only one person enters ? Whats the standard trick to break it back and get out ? Why would anyone want to take such risks ? and so on... And now wiki adds another layer of confusion saying its "Padma Vyuha" that the young Abhi (not of the Bachchans) broke . Well, the Mahabharata reference seems to clearly say "The preceptor, O king, had formed the great circular array"

Any help coming from any sides ? Aano bhadra kratavo yantu vishvatah("Let noble thoughts come from all sides") :-))

Anyway, thats not the point, atleast for today.. Remember Abhi is supposed to have learned the trick of breaking in, while in his Mom's womb.. and then poor she slept off.. (Oh yeah, looks like men of Arjuna's kind, boring their wives with war tactics rather than jewellery will always b there) . Now, this concept of learning in the womb ain't new to Hinduism. Remember Prahlada ?

As usual, I started thinking what does modern science say about this stupid-at-firt-hear concept ?.. I am feeling so sleepy, and have no enthu to read any scientific papers, but was interesting to find this turn up in the usual ask-google-mama .. "Teaching baby in the womb"

"While the baby is in the womb it starts to learn about its environment after about six months of pregnancy, when it is capable of hearing external sounds. Of course, it is aware of its internal environment earlier than that, but there is little you can do to enhance that. But when it comes to the external environment, you are in a position to have some influence even from that early stage of development."

lol, Is deja vu used for pleasantly familiar things as well ?!

Lotsa questions,than answers eh ? Yup,... too sleepy


Soothsayer said…
yeah i heard of this too, they can hear sounds from the womb. they could also recognize sounds heard when they were in the womb once they are out.
now, in Abhi's case he would have heard it...but did he comprehend it..?
arun said…
From a "science" pt of view, its imagination that a baby cud comprehend it

What I am always amazed at is that these people seems to have known many facts and they somehow incorporated them into their "itihaasas"

Take for example the "Rama's bridge". I don't think what NASA pictured are man made bridges, but it looks like those ancient people knew that there was something connecting Lanka and India.. - And may be, may be at some time the width was much narrower and so was the depth that there was something built ?!

Likewise, n number of instances, cloning, this and that

In the least, these people are awesome science fictionists.. Did u see the latest NCERT comments on teaching SF in schools.. ?