You know what I like abt him...

The fact that I he is a Nationalist to the core... Be it the nuclear energy issue or missile technology or the more "down-to-earth" water resource management, Kalaam has the word cut out "self-sufficiency". I am not against the Indo-US nuke deal, to be frank, I don't know much about it apart from reading articles on both sides of the argument, but at 3.30 am in the morning it gives more refreshing feeling than even Sachin's century, to read Kalaam as in this report ... As Rajeev Srinivasan points out, India has 31% of world's thorium resources. The only hindrance once the technology is developed , that I can think off are the commies of Kerala, who might sit on fast on the thorium rich sands of the state's coast.. Cos, hey, after all we are talking India's development right ?!

By the way, that photu is copirite Arun :-)) ... Am not a personality worshipper, yet, its nice to recollect some charming memories... Just before Kalaam became the Pres... he was invited for the "IITM day".. Interestingly not many folks turn up for this, but it being Kalaam, the hall was full... I had a camera, but the security folks asked me NOT to take any pics, but let me keep the cam... Minutes before Kalaam arrived, some official came running to me and said "We can't find our official photographer, so please take pics and we need them.." In fact I was made to sit in the front row ... yeah VIP !

The fact of the matter is that the "offficial" photographer was standing outside, waiting to take pics as Kalaam came and handshook the Diro.. thanks buddy, whoever it was, the speech started, and I was happy walking around as the "unofficial" photographer.. Click, click :-) Once the talk was over, when everybody sort of looked puzzled, I walked all the way the stage, ignoring curious looks from the security men, and was the first to take his autograph.. He asked me a few questions like what field I am in and so on, and I answered them before was surrounded by bunch of other students who followed suit

Anyway, thats it for, may be some other day, I will talk about the speech by VK Aatre, (who followed Kalaam as the DRDO chief and then the scientific advisor to the PM), which may have "transformed" my life ... patienter , I say


Soothsayer said…
yeah, I have always admired him too. His reliance on self sufficency if admirable. He also was, I think, instrumental in pushing Arjun Singh into allowing the IIMs to set up outside India. He is a dreamer and hence can be very inspiring.
While we cannot be self sufficent in everything, we must achieve self sufficency in anything that can adversely affect our nations integrity. Defence, Power (nuclear and coal), infrastructure, ports basically all the important strategic assets.
Anonymous said…
"He is a dreamer and hence can be very inspiring"

Bang on target.. he keeps saying

"Dream dream, for dreams lead to thoughts and thoughts to action"