Naattilenthundu Vishesham !

I hardly talk about kerala politics, eventhough i read, for me it has always been devil and deep sea.. but i must admit that these days it has become very interesting with more players than just CPM and Congress(I)... CPI and Veliyam Bhargavan has suddenly taken centerstage, with its oppossition to Pinarayai Vijayans open invitation to the breakaway congress faction led by Karunakaran and his son Murali (the DIC) to join the (left) LDF. Achuthanandan, who so far was dreaming about the CM chair (in an election which the left is all set to win, if not sweep), now sees himself under the shadow of Vijayan. Karunakaran - the shrewdest I have seen, is claiming every left victory as his own, supporting the left even if they don't ask for it.. Its like the servant of a house saying " Me any Boss together has a salary of 50,000 Rs a month "
And Congress as usual is tron into pieces by infightings. Looks like Antony(from whom I had gotten a letter of congrats on my SSLC rank when he was CM ) has given up saying "I am on a low profile", and CM Chandykunhu (from whom I once received a prize when he was finance minister), is injured, but not out. Well, did I hear some one say BJP ?.. Oh no, it was just some one sneezing around the corner!

Meantime, the state's public debt has gone up from 23,000 crores to 44000 crores or so under the current govt. Apparently Vakkom Purushothaman , the finance minister made a charming statement.."Even tho' the debt has gone up, the rate of increase of debt has gone down from 150% to 20%"... Yeah, looks like Kerala is fast becoming a "developed country" on its own.. No more scope for a high "rate of growth"

anyway, there is one thing I eagerly look fwd to.. Sujith's cartoons in Kerala kaumdui.. Oh, I just love them.. Here's the link for Mallus ..