The enigma...

For all the eyebrows that went up seeing some rather beautiful feminine pictures on by blog, you don't have to hold your breath till the end - my legs are still firm on the ground .. dont ya worry

And second honest admission of the day - I am one with very less patience.. As they say, if there is some one who wants things done yesterday, thats me. Be it cooking, or be it article analysis or book reviews, or blog postings beyond 20 mins, I can't survive ...

So .. what gets me here today ? As is the case many times, the exact timing of the blog-post isn't that important. This has been a thought playing around in my mind for a while now. This ladie's articles at sawf (U see I am always cautious with south asianism - a double edged sword at that), has always made me wonder... Is there a class of women which the world has not paid much attention to ? Whom I call Hindu feminists ?

Look at her articles :

Let me get down to some specific ones

I wonder why she was never labelled a Hindu fundamentalist or a Modi lover by the "secular" media.. How did sawf allow her space, and even a seperate sunny space ?! Is the magic words that she often utters- I am a "feminist"

Well, to be honest, I admire her boldness, to perhaps speak out the truth .. or atleast what she honestly thought...

And one can see it in her rest of the articles as well ..

I like the way patriotism in her own version is embedded in all she writes, the fact that she takes pride in quoting the Gita every now and then.. and yet sticking to her "I am a feminist, period"

I loved reading her piece on

And well, this may come as a shock to some

If not anything, that surely is a deviation from stereotypes - perhaps to an extreme oppossite, but yeah to put it in short, she claims "Sati is my birth right"

Ufffff... I hope atleast now some of you may apprceiate the enigma part. Combining this with having read the article by Madhu Kiswar on "Madhusmrithi" , I honestly feel , there are more women out there like her... perhaps with no channels to speak out - what with the Trishul brand not comfortable with the feminist word because of its western origins, and most of the rest of the world would not be with the H word....

The enigma turns into admiration when I think, that inspite of these she has been able to define an identity to herself... and yes, another honest admission - I miss her articles.. she seem to have stopped writing on politics and culture almost 2 years before


post scripts:

I will have two follow up posts to this one- donno when

a) Talking about Sati, a few excerpts, from a discussion I had in a private group, of course, only the relevant part and the issue, and no personal details

b) Why I am not a fan of Asoka (unlike sunny's article) ... the funda to me is simple. Ashoka remained a King and advocated non-violence which is not really his Dharma as a King (and even declared a state religion- Buddism- which no other ruler has done in India) , where as Buddha, renounced his Kingdom before going the pacifist way

Compare him with Arjuna- Arjuna asked all questions before the war.. Asoka asked it all after the damage was done !! and in my opinion ended uo doing more damage ...

I know I am perhaps swimming against the current, but hey, sunny singh's my inspiration :-))