Tiny droplets of water
Sparkle they are, crystal clear
What a breathtaking show
Even when “shattered” into a bow…….

Known by the name of a gentle river
All have seen your usual cheer,

Adversity they say, lets one a person better know
And in what was then a tough and sad blow
It were the nice words that you made to flow
That helped me much to keep up the glow

Does it matter where I am and where you r
Happy Birthday, my sweet li’l sister !!


drisyadrisya said…
Okay, for a change, I am shifting the daily self-brag column to the comments section :-))

One of my favorite desi English authors, Sunny Singh (a self-proclaimed hindu-feminist) quotes her cousin in one of her columns as saying. "I want everyone to know that I have sisters because boys who don't have sisters are really pathetic"

here's the link to the article


And yeah, the potus .... the rainbow pic is mea culpa, 12 or 15 years before... thats when I realised playing street cricket can also help sometimes take nice photographs.....

Anyway, thats it for now... the day (feb 10), belongs to some one else !!
sarayu said…
Thanks da... Truly touched... wow.. you can write poetry too...
And now i can brag that I am written about in blogs too..:))