On this eve ........

Missing the motherland is something never easy
For its always the land "Swargadapi Gareeyasi"
Humble Pranaams to the land of Shakti and Ram
As the mind goes into infinite "Vandemaataram"

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photo courtesy: Robert Arnett

Those four lines came to my mind while waiting for my tea at "college perk".. excuse the "no-time-for-polishing" part !


maya said…
It seems our country is like a very large painting on a very large canvas. And we all are so close to it, that when we look around we could only see the unfinished brush strokes, patch works, gaps and irregularities…. To understand and enjoy the real beauty and meaning of the painting, our motherland, either we have to broaden our vision a lot… or we have to look it from a distance!!!
Soothsayer said…
very nice...didn't know about Amar Jawan before, its a very well made site..was a very emotional experience.
sarayu said…
yaaa.. thanx for making me feel proud today and again...

Thats truly a beautiful sketch!