"Miss" something ?!

Yesterday in his late nite show, Jay Leno asked the viewers if any of them knew the name of the 2006 Miss America. A stoic silence followed.... Leno went on to say that this year it was not even broadcast on National TV ..

Got me curious - askmama, googlemama .. and here goes some random facts

In 1954, 39 percent of the television audience (27 million viewers) watched Miss America

In 2004, "a record low of 9.8 million watched it, half a million less than the previous year"

And this year, it was only on cable and guess the numbers - 3.1 million !!
(the link has some more stats)


Naturally, whats up in my part of the world ? Miss India ....

The mid nineties found 300 million viewers

Its so difficult to get such stats about India (I actually wonder how u get the no: of TV viewers...) ,and the above one stat was after some 15 mins search.... so I give up...

I hope Bal Thackerey and Ashok Singhal read my blog.. atleast then they will know why they are mocked at in India for oppossing beauty contests... It ain' western culture anymore, fellas ... Apun ka khoon mein hai !!


Soothsayer said…
getting viewership is basically statistics. random sample of viewers are given set top boxes then using some formula it is approximated across all viewers. now its slowly changing though, the cable company can easily know what you watch on tv and even personalize ads to the program u are watching..google is loking into this..
sarayu said…
Oye.. dont you say anything to balthakrey over this! I AM WITH HIM!!

Now you are scared arent you??? hahahaha