inexplicable links

Sometimes its like that.. you get a sudden thought , may be a series of them, and you would not know why now, why these ? So also, the kind of links that turned up in my subsequent google search... Just hope that you may not need to know why, or that you may know sometime else, just like some "inner voices" or "messages" were meant for a later stage ..

And today , just now, it was Ramana Maharshi,... and the book by Paul Brunton which introduced me to him in reading (heard, of course I had about him before that) ...

I would have dwelled a little longer in thoughts about him, but my proposal compulsions pull me away.. leaving for the day with some rather random links which appeared in 15 mins random search(es)


2) In search of Paul Brunton : (the title may have been inspired by Brunton's own book "A search in secret India" )

3) Ramana Maharshi and Somerset Maugham .... interesting