More of my fav shlokas


kaaka-drushTi; baka-dhyAnam;
SvananidrA; alpa AhAram;
jeerNa vastram ; etat vidyArthi lakshaNam

Amantram Aksharam Nasti ! Nasti Mulam Anaushadham!!
Ayogya Purusho Nasti ! Yojaka: Tatra Durlabha!!

Any readers, please post the translations in the comments section :-))


Anonymous said…
Has vision like a crow, attention like crane, sleeps like a dog, eats less and simply dressed. Those are the qualities of a student.
drisyadrisya said…
Thanks to whoever posted it

The second one is slightly tough, esp the usage of the negation

But once you see the translation, and try to relate it word by word,I bet you will appreciate the beauty of the langauge

Here goes:

"There is no alphabet from which a mantra cannot be made. There is no
herb from which a medicine cannot be made. There is no person who is
incapable. Who is rare is the one who can organize"