And then one fine day...

Should I be quoting

Wait, for now..
Distrust everything, if you have to..
But trust the hours.....
Haven't theycarried you everywhere, up to now?

or from the famous "don't quit" poem

Don't give up though the pace seems slow -
You may succeed with another blow.

Read my tech blog for what happened there.. and the same day, finally the samskrit shibhiram seemed to get finalised.. Ups and downs, uncertainties, confusions, and finally, I hope the announcement is going to go to the tens of thousands via the temple newsletter..

Look fwd to an exciting Feb 25-26..


That apart, whats around the world ? Sharon.... umm, would be interesting to watch Israel with him not in an active position.... And what else in India.. JRRao as observer for the Bong polls... I hope he and the people can together do a Bihar there too...

Calling it a day, before which, something in the lighter vein

This is something that happened to a Mallu friend of mine. He once asked a Bong for directions, and was told "Go straight, there will be a pond full of 'dogs', and after the pond, take a right" . Curious to see the pond full of 'dogs', my friend drove there only to see a pond full of what he calls ducks !!