Some terms and sayings that oft repeat in articles... thought will start collecting them ... so this post might be edited as and when I find any interesting ones

Of course, contributions are welcome in the comments section

1) Apres moi, le deluge

French / "after me, the deluge" ..

Comment: Atleast some friends of mine wud know why thats the first in the series :-)


2) Cogito, ergo sum

French/" I think, therefore I am"

Comment: I don't agree with René Descartes. I am, therefore I think .. neverthless


3) Caveat emptor

Latin / "let the buyer beware"

Comment: Applies to all my blog visitors :-)


4) veni, vidi, vici

Latin/ "I came , I saw, I conquered"

Comment: Whats for, I came, I saw, I was conquered ? :-)


5) argumentum ex silentio

Latin/ "silence of a speaker or writer about X proves or suggests that the speaker or writer is ignorant of X"

Comment: You can't miss this, if you read Koenraad Elst


6) Bête noire

French / "black beast."

Comment: Something or someone particularly detested or avoided; a bugbear


7) raison d’être

French/ "reason to exist"

Comment: Have you ever lost urself searching for that ?


8) Kaine Gnade

German/ No Mercy

Comment: Ummmmmmm


Anonymous said…

"Damn it if you do, damn it if you don't"
drisyadrisya said…
Okay, guess its easier to post away in the comments section

Suppressio veri suggestio falsi

Latin/ "The suppression of truth is the suggestion of falsehood"
drisyadrisya said…
Liberté, égalité, fraternité

shud i ?
drisyadrisya said…
primus inter pares

Latin/"first among equals"
drisyadrisya said…
Its kind of interesting how so many Latin words have made into the legal langauge


My favorites being habeas corpus and locus standi
drisyadrisya said…
Makes me wonder about the

"characterestic soul of a Nation" as Aurobindo put it

like france known for its LEF ...
US for "freedom" ....

India for its spirituality...

So what are some of the words we have contributed ?

Karma, Dharma, Guru, Avatar, Yoga , chakra , ....

I am sure there more
drisyadrisya said…
Of course

"Et tu Brute?"
drisyadrisya said…
summum bonum

Latin/"the supreme good from which all others are derived"
drisyadrisya said…

Ha ha ha, thats how apparently
"Heureka" is written in Greek
drisyadrisya said…
Questo dipende

Italian/ "it depends"

Calling it a nite :-)
Tai chi and chai tea! said…
"suaviter in modo; fortiter in re"
- Latin for Gentle in manner, firm/ resolute in action.
Operationally, it could also be translated as 'iron hand in a velvet glove'.

A great prinicple for personality building...I strongly feel it adds grace and great dignity to one's persona.
Anonymous said…
Credo quia absurdum ( Latin )-
I believe because it is absurd