Some say,there's too much samskrit over here these days
How do I tell them, there's no samskriti for me without it

Some say, there aren't as frequent posts as it used to be
How do I tell them, mind is blank more often than it used to be

and what do you do .....

when things seem to go slower than you want,
when all your calculations seem to crumble right in front of you,
when all of a sudden you seem to have taken up too many things and
when there's a silence from those whom you expected to hear from

Post a nice picture that I happened to see on my roomies comp, I guess !!


sarayu said…
why r you let down by others?
this world is crazy shocks.. may be u will be a little happier if you never expect anything!

I dont! I used to !.. but now I dont!. becos ppl always fall behind your expectations no matter how much or how little they do!..
its not their fault, its not yours either!
its all in mind, it plays games with you.
me thinks!