so near, yet so far !

Ummmmm..... The title of the post sums up best my state of mind :-( ...

Guess its about time to get somewhat philosophical.... Take recluse in those Upanishadic shlokas

Isha Upanishad Shloka 5

tad ejati tan naijati
tad dure tad vantike
tad antarasya sarvasya
tad u sarvasyasya bahyataha

The Supreme Lord walks and does not walk. She is far away, but She is very near as well. She is within everything, and again She is outside of everything.

Mundaka Upanishad 3.1.7

i.e Third Mundaka, First Chapter, verse 7 (verse in the picture)

bR^ihachcha tad.h divyamachintyaruupaM
suukshmaachcha tat.h suukshmataraM vibhaati
duuraat.h suduure tadihaantike cha
pashyantvihaiva nihitaM guhaayaam.h

That which is supremely expansive, divine, of unthinkable form, subtler than the subtle, much farther than that which is far, and at the same time very near, shines and is seated in the Central Being of those who have the consciousness of That