What am I going to muse on in my 50th post ? Well, my favorit history-itihaasa stuff

Given below, are some quotes from Ambedkar.... stuff which history never taught.. for I, argue that history thats taught in schools is more of legends.. glorify some people, make some other villains with no morals at all..

Aren't itihaasas better then ? For even with all poetic exaggerations, they do justice to their name "Iti-haasa" : "This is how it happened".. laying bare human nature and emotions and mistakes, without caring if its even the Lord worshipped by millions ?

I am not arguing for or against Gandhi or Ambedkar, but all ye champions of "no-censorship" and freedom of speech, would you recommend teaching these in Indian schools ? Not as a recommendation, but as "someones' quotes ?"

Here are the quotes :


Even though Ambedkar was a party to Poona Pact, he was never reconciled to it. His contempt against Gandhi, which continued even after his assassination on January 30,1948. On the death of Gandhi he expressed, "My real enemy has gone, thank goodness the eclipse is over".

Source :

2) Considering Gandhi as a "positive danger to this country", he quoted from Bible that "sometime good cometh out of evil, so also I think good will come out of the death of Mr. Gandhi" ( Gandhi and Ambedkar - Saviours of Untouchables by Sheshrao Chavan. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan publication 2001, page 263-64).

3) The Hindus wanted the Vedas and they sent for Vyasa, who was not a (upper) caste Hindu. The Hindus wanted an epic and they sent for Valmiki, who was an untouchable. The Hindus wanted a Constitution and they sent for me.

Quoted often, but source unknown

4) "I prefer the partition on India into Muslim India and non Muslim India as the safest method of providing for the defence of both "

- "Pakistan or Partition of India " p364