Nov 11, 2006 is when I put a counter on this blog, and it now reads 10,000+ .. It took ... ummm lemme see

19+31+365+31+29+5 = 480 days .... to get there

Thats an overall average of 20+ per day ... I think the peak hit on a single day was some 300 or something recently ... after the akbar-jo-thaa post , which incidentally also has the highest number of comments on it

Interestingly, the search term that seems to get more people to this blog than anything else seems to be " meera jasmine family " or "shaji kailas annie" after the " mallu christian actresses " post .. thats funny .. considering that movie related posts are sub-ten percentae of this blog

Well... things in life that matter to most, I guess

And this, is the 190th post on the blog.. so soon, hope to hit the double century :-)... At this juncture would like to thank all those who have encouraged, commented and criticised this blog, directly or indirectly... including the many personal emails I got... from the very first post on May 18, 2005 , till now and in future as well.....