equality of mass .... err mess

There used to be a time when SSLC ( Std 10) exams were a pride of the Kerala govt... Conducted meticulously the exam system had high reputation. While most other exams - especially conducted by Universities where a totall mess, SSLC (and the model exam that happens a month before) continued to enjoy the trust of the people..

Not any more .. the commie govt of Kerala is steadily ensuring that SSLC exam too is as messed up as other exams.. no one exam shud be more equal than the others !! Last year ( or was it the year before ?) was the leak of question paper .. and now this year , the govt decided to be the champion of secularism by postponing the friday exam to saturday, to appease Muslims ( as far as I know, surprisingly no demand came from the Muslim side as such, but the govt itself wanted to score some points)

And the moment it ws shifted to Saturday, 7th day advetists christians were up in arms ... and finally High Court had to intervene ... read http://www.thepeninsulaqatar.com/Display_news.asp?section=World_News&subsection=India&month=March2008&file=World_News2008031583315.xml

Meanwhile, a recent US human rights accused Kerala and West Bengal as states with maximum human rights violations ... WB for Nandigram , Kerala for custody deaths and human trafficking..
The same buffoons who quoted US human rights report on Gujarat, are now suddenly up in arms against it ...
and among other reasons ..
CPM MP Mohammad Salim said the US had earlier dubbed China as the biggest violator of human rights. “We do not think the US is a champion of human rights"
True to their Nationalistic spirit , these Chinese Nationalists are more hurt at US report on China.....


Ranjith said…
I studied in the Malappuram (Muslim majority) district in Kerala, where the whole academics calendar itself is dictated by the Islamic calendar. During the Ramzan month, it is a full one-month vacation for almost all primary schools(including state Govt schools) there. And to compensate for that, kids are forced to go to schools, for one month, during the burning summer(temperature close to 40 deg C)! While every kid in the world enjoys a long summer vacation, kids in the Malappuram district of Kerala have no such fun. Kids suffer for the appeasement policies of the govt. I have wondered: Isn't this some kind of a "kids right" violation?!

Of course, Friday is a holiday in the Malappuram district. And also, on a normal day, school starts only after the Madrasa classes -- that is at 10:30am (Madrasa classes go on till 10am or so!)

Another thing is, every Muslim kid in the Malappuram district, at least till 4th standard, MUST learn Arabic -- no choice there. During that Arabic period, all non-Muslim students can go and "play" -- there itself we kids are devided along religious lines -- you are a Muslim, I am a non-muslim.(we used to enjoy those Arabic periods, extra time we get to play, and Muslim kids used to envy us!)
Ranjith said…
About your second point: Communist parties kept telling that US shouldn't interfere in "internal matter of India" (Nandigram). Yechury also said, he wouldn't comment anything about Tibet as it is an "internal affair" of China.

But commies can comment about Internal affair of other countries:


Here I have written a post on that today.