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See the video at:[Indymedia]_(2006-01-28)_baloch.wmv (warning : very graphic)


Iron Purdah?

A military raid in '05 killed 33 Hindus in a Baloch borough. As hush-up bids failed, it now seems the event was well-designed.

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International Magazine Jan 29, 2007

Thirty-Three Hindus Killed in Pakistan in Attack by Government Troops. Most of the Dead Women and Children. Many More Injured. Hundreds Flee Homes...headlines like these never managed to hit the Indian media when it all happened in the neighbouring nation in March 2005.

An independent account of those killings emerged after teams from the Pakistan Human Rights Commission (PHRC) led by human rights activist and famous lawyer Asma Jahangir visited Dera Bugti town in Pakistan's Balochistan province, in January 2006, nine months after the killings there. The human rights commission published its report later last year.


The video, of which Outlook obtained a copy, has become politically sensitive after the killing of Baloch leader Nawab Akbar Bugti late last year. The Hindus killed had been living around Bugti's house. The Baloch leader was accused by Pakistani authorities of working against national interests, and of being an 'India man' within Pakistan


The video shows local people gathered in a compound scattering in panic after gunshots and explosions. Groups are seen taking shelter; among them at least one armed man as well. The attacks seem to come from behind a high wall and do not seem provoked by any immediate action from the people in the compound. Later shots show injured people, and then the dead, at places with bodies piled one above the other. Women are seen weeping, and young girls appear in a daze. The footage shows several used rockets lying around as indication of a rocket attack. It also shows extensive damage to buildings and walls, with large holes blown through them—the damage evidently caused by some form of rocket attack


A local Hindu narrates an account of the killings and injuries his family suffered in the attack. He names many of the dead and injured—giving Hindu names. He speaks of an attack on a local Devi Mata ka mandir. The footage later shows signs of damage done to a local gurudwara as well—again apparently in a rocket attack. Much of the footage of the dead and injured makes gory viewing.

The PHRC report says "at least 43 non-combatants were killed by indiscriminate and excessive use of force of the security forces" that day (March 17, 2005). The report says that local Hindus "confirmed that 33 members of their community were killed, mostly women and children, who were in their homes and could not take shelter quickly enough".

( quotes from the Outlook magazine, don't think I need to add anything more - ~A )