Musharaf the genius !

Dear Sri Raman

Quoting you from and

I am strongly against the Indo-Pakistan peace process as carried on by the present government. It is playing into the hands of Gen Pervez Musharraf and his horde of jihadi terrorists whom he and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence have been using to make India bleed. At the same time, I am against postponing the so-called peace process because that would be interpreted by the terrorists as a major success for them.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but if the scenario is as follows

1) The peace process in itself is pro-pak .. oppossed by people like you

2) Musharaf uses his terrorist counterparts, to make it look like they are against it... with some blasts.. even people like you are now for not cancelling the talks, in order that the terrorists don't win

3) and so finally mush himself wins.. on the one hand, "his" peace talks now has a sympathy from even you, and on the other hand, he looks good in front of the world, for the terrorists appears to have attacked "his" peace process


Is there no counter to this genius called Mush ? Or is it because on the other side there are two players - Mush and the islamists (eventhough they ultimately want almost the same thing) , and on this side, there is only one - and that also, a weak and minority-appeasing govt ?


Anonymous said…
interesting analysis.. did B Raman reply ?