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The debate seems to be heating up regarding Dr Kaks paper on Twin paradox... Going with the same line as Rajeev took on his blog, I must say, I do not have enuf theoretical physics knowledge to judge his paper...


But I want to mention two points .. not at all related to the debate on about his paper, but related more to him as a person - two instances, and I think tells a lot about this wonderful personality

1) I first met him in december of 2001, at a Chinmaya Mission function.. that must have been just for a few minutes... I happened to suggest his name for the CM annual banquet, and so I got a reduced price student ticket for that :)

I exchanged some mails with him after that... the next time he met me was in July 2003.. I was at the Global Dharma Conf booth, Dr Kak walks to me and says, "Hi Arun, How are you ?" .. I was dumbstuck ....

2) Much before his paper actually got accepted, he had sent me the work.... I feel so lucky that some one as famous as him, actually took his time out to keep me informed !! again speaks volumes about his humility, than of course, any potential theoretical knowledge that people think I may have :) .. and even though i cud not respond (my head was spinning after reading the paper) , later when it got accepted, he again shared the good news with me as well.. and finally sent me the actual journal link


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You must be aware of the famous twins paradox of relativity theory.Recently I offered a resolution that allows one to determine whichobservers will age, and which won't: http://uk.arxiv.org/abs/physics/0605199 I have received positive response from several physicists. I thought you and your friends would like to know of it. Let me know what you think.


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Arun, here's the online link:http://www.springerlink.com/content/e4670q159464473r