Its interesting, everytime I accidentally go thro' the Mahabharata, there are new things to learn...

I have heard long time before that, after the war, at some point in time, Arjuna asks Krishna something like "Hey, I have forgotten most of what you told me (Gita) in the battlefield. Could you repeat"

The reply given by Krishna was like "Golden words are not repeated.. go and ask Hanuman, who too heard it sitting on the flag" .. (well, I am pretty much quoting the Swamiji who told this version)

And today, I accidentally run into the corresponding parva in the MhB.. with the caveat that KMGanguly's translations are not alyways accurate (as per one of my previous posts ) , I shall quote Krishnas reply as per KMG's translation

'Vasudeva said, 'I made thee listen to truths that are regarded as mysteries. I imparted to thee truths that are eternal. Verily, I discoursed to thee on Religion in its true form and on all the eternal regions. It is exceedingly disagreeable to me to learn that thou didst not, from folly, receive what I imparted. The recollection of all that I told thee on that occasion will not come to me now. Without doubt, O son of Pandu, thou art destitute of faith and thy understanding is not good. It is impossible for me, O Dhananjaya, to repeat, in detail, all that I said on that occasion. That religion (about which I discoursed to thee then) is more than sufficient for understanding Brahma. I cannot discourse on it again in detail. I discoursed to thee on Supreme Brahma, having concentrated myself in Yoga. I shalt now, however, recite to thee an old history upon the same topic. O foremost of all persons, observant of duty, listen to everything I now say, so that, with an understanding adapted to my teaching, thou mayst succeed in attaining to the highest end. O chastiser of foes, on one occasion, a Brahmana came to us from the regions of Heaven. Of irresistible energy, he came from the regions of the Grandsire. He was duly reverenced by us. Listen. O son of Pritha, without yielding to scruples of any kind, to what he, O chief of Bharata's race, said, in answer to our enquiries, agreeably to heavenly forms.'

And, his discourse, at that time, is whats the AnugIta !!

Interesting !!