Sunday, February 04, 2018

Sanskrit in Parliament

While I tweeted this - - I wanted to a post on the instances in which Sanskrit has been spoken in Parliament ( Indian .. for now ) debates

Here is from a random search, I hope that the list grows as I come to know more .. and in future

1) Shri H V Kamath quotes MahaBharata 5.35.49 ..  see 

2) na bheetO maranaadasmi .. Vajpayee, 1996 May-June .. see or

(Clearly, Vajpayee's is perhaps much more natural and correct pronunciation) 

3)  amantraM akSharam naasti .. see my previous blogpost (it should have been amantram akSharaM ... etc)

4) jaanaami dharmam na cha mE pravRuttiH | jaanaamyadharmam na cha mE nivRuttiH ||


Sudarshan HS said...

Good initiative.

drisyadrisya said...

Another one from the 20July2018 debate