reposting an old one

It is said that Shloka comes out of Shoka (as in Ramayana). Not a shloka, but here is an old poem, written at a time when I was going through a lot of issues, academically and otherwise.. posted once in Jan 2006, posting again after 12 years with some minor updates.. - "certainly uncertain"


As a little kid when time is all what you had
Happy you were making houses of card
And little did you think while pulling each one
That uncertainty is life’s only fun

Hopes you keep, even as you see others suffer
Life sure has for me better things to offer
Soon you realize that in the world that’s real
Uncertainty is the only truth, that's never partial

When the road you took seems so uphill
You pray and pray for a stronger will
Sure for stretches you will have some one
But forever uncertainty is your only companion

Oft you find yourself doing a thankless job
Many a time does it make you sob
And yet there is hardly a chance you want to miss
For uncertainty is life's only promise

And one fine moment you find yourself enjoy
For the seers of the yore knew you are nothing but joy
And thankful you are for those moments you find
For uncertainty is life's only background