late-a vandaalum

Almost exactly 9 years ago, I had a post which is a nutshell said, if NDA had to have any chance in the 2009 general elections, it needed two south indian superstars - Chiranjeevi and Rajanikanth

Since then Chirajeevi floated his own party (PrajaRajyamParty), flopped and merged in Congress

Rajani waited, and finally today - the last day of 2017 - announces his plan to plunge into politics. Will he end up the Chiranjeevi way ? Well, time alone will tell, but here are some of my quick points

1) TN is desperately looking for a leader.. AIADMK is in shambles, Stalin has not been able to replicate his Father's persona (whether one agress his with Karunadhi's life and views or not...)

2) In his own ways, Rajani has been socially active for many years.. and have taken his stance on some issues at least... In other words, he may not be as much "only-air-no-substance" as Chiru

Comment: The late Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati may have been the "link" and connecting factor

 So why did he wait so long ? Like it or not, he may have wanted the two "seniors" - Jaya and Karuna - to be off the scene.. and situation come to a stage where it is almost a TINA - there is no alternative .. that that, the TINA, is what, if anything, going to give him a chance to not end up the Chiru way