Fwd: A list of communal riots in India, between 1953-1979

This is an old email, that I got fwdd again recently..I have not verified the claims, but won't be surprised either if it were true, going by the dar-al-harb logic ... and I am also testing for the first time, posting by email....
[ Subject: A list of communal riots in India, between 1953-1979
[ Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 16:30:58 -0500

This period was post partition, and before Ayodhya

Most riots are caused by illegal muslim cow slaughter or
muslims stoning hindu processions or muslims molesting
hindu girls

Muslims attacked hindu processionists, raped hindu girls,
attacked buddhists, xtians, newspapers and cops and
desecrated temples

Out of the 74 riots described below

Unknown = 14
Police initiated = 1
Hindu initiated = 4
Muslim initiated = 55

In other words, Muslims initiated 75% of all riots This
was in a period, where muslims were supposedly defanged
by the sikh-hindu reprisals in the punjab


By Ms Zenab Banu

Appendix IV, Page 175-193
Historical Survey of some major communal riots.

1. 1953 Viramgaom Holi festival
(muslims stabbed holi revellers)

2. 1953 Bhopal Stone throwing by some miscreants at a
procession taken by the Hindu Mahasabha
to protest against cow slaughter
(muslims stone hindu procession)

3. 1953 Gauhati Angry crowed tried to prevent a
Muslim family from sacrificing cow
(illegal muslim cow slaughter)

4. 1953 Ahmedabad, Nasik, Ganapati festival and Moharram
Poona, Sangli... coincide
1953 Ahmedabad ---do---
(muslims with Moharam swords attack hindu procession)

5. sept.1953 Poona Arson bid in Poona

6. 1953 Sholapur Ganpati immersion day playing music
before a mosque.
(muslims attack hindu procession)

7. 1953 Jamnagar A boy stabbing a cow near a hotel
(illegal muslim cow slaughter)

8. 1954 Ghaziabad Slaughter of a stolen cow
(illegal muslim cow slaughter)

9. 1954 Aligarh Over the price of a melon between a
hawker and a customer

10. 1954 Nizamabad Some persons hoisted the Pakistani flag
on the statue of Mahatma Gandhi.
(so even Gandhi's muslim appeasement did not help , muslim initiated)

11. 1954 Mathura Some persons broke the idol of Krishna
which was installed for worship in a
temple near Idghah mosque
(muslim desecrate hindu temple)

12. 1954 Gulbarga, Mannila, Pakistani flag was hoisted over a
Fatehpur. temple of Ganesh.
(muslim desecrate hindu temple)

13. 1956 Bhopal Holi festival - Muslims threw bones
in the Holi fire and an idol in a
temple was defiled
(muslim desecrate hindu temple)

14. 1956 Sholapur Rival claims to a shrine made by the
two communities.

15. 1956 Many parts of UP A publication of the Bhartiya Vidya
Bhavan alleging insulting reference
on prophet Mohammed.
(Muslim hyper sensitivity)

16. 1956 Jabalpur Forcibly closing down of shops in
protest against damage to an idol
of Ganapati
(muslim desecrate hindu temple)

17. 1956 Khamgaon Attack on a Ganapati procession
before a mosque by a crowd
(muslims attack hindu procession)

18. 1957 Hazaribagh A clash between students in
Moharram procession
(muslims with swords attack hindus)

19. 1958 Belgaun A procession of Hindus with music
before a mosque
(muslims attack hindu procession)

20. 1958 Dulhia Unauthorised cow slaughter
(illegal cow slaughter by muslims)

21. 1958 Yeola Muslims objecting a procession
of Ganpati Idol
(muslims attack hindu procession)

22. 1958 Bagalkot A procession of RSS was stoned near
Panka mosque
(muslims attack hindu procession)

23. 1959 Lucknow Sprinkling of clour on Muslim on
Holi festival by a Hindu
1959 Bhopal ----do----
(muslims attack holi revellers)

24. 1959 Sitamashi Spreading of a rumour that a cow
was slaughtered
(illegal cow slaughter by muslims)

25. 1960 Hubli Idol of Maruti disfigured by someone
(muslims desecrate hindu temple)

26. 1960 Firozabad Ramlila procession
1960 Saharanpur Ramlila procession
(muslims attack hindu procession)

27. 1961 Jabalpur, Sangore Effort to molest a Hindu girl
Narsinghpur, Damoh
(muslims rape hindu girl)

28. 1961 Many cities in UP Aligarh University hostel boy when
misbehaved with hostel girl
(muslims rape hindu girl)

29. 1961 Palanpur Discovery of animal bones in the palace
of worship
(muslims desecrate hindu temple)

30. 1961 Bhopal Meeting of Jana Sangh Dist. Committee

31. 1961 Vidisha, Bhopal Hindu procession being disturbed by Muslims
(muslims attack hindu procession)

32. 1962 Sikundra Slaughter of a cow
(illegal cow slaughter by muslims)

33. 1962 Malda in WB A week's agitation against the publication
of a picture of Mohammed
(hypersensitivity of muslims)

34. 1962 Agra A quarrel between two persons belonging to
opposite communities

35. 1962 Mandsaur A dispute over a business transaction

36. 1962 Bareilly Throwing of stones on a procession of
Hindus passing through Muslim residential area
(muslims attack hindu procession)

37. 1962 Ratanagiri Ganpati procession attacked by Muslims
(muslims attack hindu procession)

38. 1963 Junagarh Criminal assault by two Muslim youths on
a Hindu girl
(muslims rape hindu girl)

39. 1963 Islampur Muslim participants of Moharram procession
attacked by the police with lathi
(Police ??)

40. 1963 Akola Ganpati idol was attacked by stones
(muslims attack hindu procession)

41. 1963 Nadia, Calcutta Hair of Mohammed from Hazratbal mosque
were stolen
1963 Srinagar ---do---
(muslim hyper sensitivity)

42. 1964 Bihar, Orissa Train carrying refugees of East Pakistan
(hindu reprisals)

43. 1965 Udaipur Scuffle between the two neighbors of
opposite community
1966 Udaipur Scuffle between the two wrestlers of
two communities

44. 1967 Ranchi Brick batting on the Urdu agitators'

45. 1967 Srinagar Religious conversion and marriage of a
girl of the Pandi community to a
Muslim youth
(muslims abduct hindu girl)

46. 1968 Meerut A conference organised by the Jamaat-e-
Islami in a college and a procession
crossed by Jan Sangh

47. 1968 Karimganj Scuffle between two boys of opposite
community on a cow of a Muslim
(Illegal cow slaughter)

48. 1968 Vizhinjam Clash between Muslims and Christians
when Muslims embarked on aggressive
violent acts against catholics
(Muslims attack catholics)

49. 1968 Allahabad Holy reveller threw water color on a
Muslim who pulled out a pistol
(muslims attack holi reveller)

50. 1968 Auditanda Ramnavmi procession
(muslims attack hindu procession)

51. 1968 Manglore Muslims had assaulted a Hindu fisherman

52. 1968 Aurangabad A Muslim backery servant's attack on a
cow with a knife
(Illegal cow slaughter)

53. 1968 Nagpur Scuffle between a Muslim barber and a
Neo Buddha

54. 1968 Parbhani A Hindu college student stabbed by one
Muslim Rikshaw puller

55. 1968 Mabajogi Scuffle among students

56. 1968 Pupri Durga procession passed through a Muslim
inhabited area
1968 Gumdum A Hindu procession
1968 Cuttack Music in front of mosque
(muslims attack hindu procession)

57. 1968 Veeranal News of a death of a Muslim in his house

58. 1969 Kendrapa Music near a mosque
(muslims attack hindu procession)

59. 1969 Calcutta Muslim demonstration before the office
of the 'Statesman'
(muslim hypersensitivity)

60. 1969 Anjar A clash between two persons of opposite

61. 1969 Hubli Muslims objected to throwing of colored
water on them on Holi
(muslims attack holi revellers)

62. 1969 Mau in UP Beating of a Hindu boy by Muslim boys

63. 1969 Anjar An armed mob of Muslims attacked Hindus

64. 1969 Gujarat Mutual suspician and animosity between
two communities

65. 1969 Ahmedabad Atack on Jaganath tmple by Muslims
1969 Other cities in Guj. Repurcussions of above

66. 1970 Chaibasa Ram Navmi procession
(muslims attack hindu procession)

67. 1970 Bhiwandi and other Beginning with a quarrel between two
parts of Maharashtra persons of opposite communities

68. 1972 Tonk Bakri Id
1972 Banaras Bakri Id
(illegal muslim cow slaughter)

69. 1973 Delhi Two groups of miscreants clashed at Bara
Hindu Rao area

70. 1974 Jugeshwari Anti-Muslim feeling injected by Shiv Sena
workers in the minds of general people
(Shiv Sena)

71. 1974 Delhi Quarreling of two persons belonging to
two opposite communities.

72. 1975 Jogeshwari Militant action of Shiv Sena volunteers
(Shiv Sena)

73. 1977 Chittorgarh Id Festival
(illegal muslim cow slaughter)

74. 1977 Banaras Durga procession
(muslims attack hindu procession)


Anonymous said…

"Most riots are caused by illegal muslim cow slaughter or
muslims stoning hindu processions or muslims molesting
hindu girls
Muslims attacked hindu processionists, raped hindu girls,
attacked buddhists, xtians, newspapers and cops and
desecrated temples"

Statements like this are what creates furthermore communal instability and violence. Always remember, it takes two hands to clap. And the people who support violence are neither nor hindu. Muslims are a minority community, with a ratio of 20% (Muslims) to 80% (hindu) India. So most riots, that is 80% of the country's population cannot ALWAYS be instigated by a mere 20%.

Try giving facts and records, avoid adding your personal opinion, because its communal, extremist, stereotypical, and propagates instability between the masses. Let peace and harmony in this nation continue. Thanks.
drisyadrisya said…
Duude, you dont even have the guts to reveal your name, and you are lecturing me !! If not on my blog, where else do I air my "personal opinion" ?
Be it the minority appeasement in India
or the majority appeasement or even the matter related to build a temple on a ground, our politicians work on the policy of appeasement only. But should these all be governed by appeasement policy?