of predictions and reductions

By no means am I an economic expert, nor do I understand whats happening right now
And neither do I claim that the dip in oil prices is a creation of the US presidential election....

but what I do know is that I did predict a situation where the oil prices may reduce big time, around the US pres election time ( after a sharp rise a few months before that) - I had based it purely on my experience in 2004.

See my post http://drisyadrisya.blogspot.com/2008/04/tip-of-iceberg-or-end-of-it.html

Whatever be the real reason, it seems to be heading the same way in 2008 too with just weeks left for the US election

Meantime, here is a video that has been circulating and in which the speaker makes some predictions about the US economy, and more importantly tries to put things in a common mans language... he is a columnist in rediff, and the video is uploaded feb 10, 2008